Congratulations to the Leica X Vario City Challenge 

Grand Prize Winner: Mike Selsky!

Congratulations to the other round 3 finalist prize winners:

Second Prize: Jocelyn Augustino
Third Prize: Osley Perez
Fourth Prize: Christopher Ryan Echevarria

Congratulations to all of the city runner ups:

  • LA:
    • Winner – Mike Selsky
    • First Runner Up – Christian Sosa
    • Second Runner Up – Farzad Mirshafiei 
  • Washington, DC:
    • Winner – Jocelyn Augustino
    • First Runner Up – Joseph Arenas
    • Second Runner Up – Marek Hnizda 
  • Miami:
    • Winner – Osley Perez
    • First Runner Up – Daniel Dyer 
    • Second Runner Up – Andrea Arevalo 
  • New York:
    • Winner – Christopher Ryan Echevarria
    • First Runner Up – Dwayne Lutchna
    • Second Runner Up – Roland Andrijauskas

Leica would like to thank the judges for their input and enthusiasm. Judges include: Miriam Leuchter (Popular Photography/American Photo), Marc Babej (Art Photographer & Columnist), Dan Havlik (PDN & Rangefinder), Stash (legendary street artist), and Roland Wolff (Leica’s VP of Marketing and Corporate Retail).

Click here to see an LFI gallery featuring all of the submissions to the Leica X Vario City Challenge.

Thank you to all of the participants!

-Leica Internet Team


Experience the Leica X Vario in this creative challenge for 120 participants in 4 cities. The Leica X Vario City Challenge is a coast to coast Leica Camera photo competition with a twist! Leica fans in four cities— New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Miami—can compete for the chance to win a Leica X Vario among many other valuable prizes. 30 lucky participants in each city will be invited to shoot with a Leica X Vario during the City Challenge. Sign up quickly, be creative, select your favorite image, and submit it to the competition. #XVarioChallenge


To sign up, email rsvp@leicacamerausa.com and fill out this form in its entirety, save and attach it to the email as part of your registration. The form should be printed and brought to the Leica X Vario City Challenge on the day of the photo excursion event you’ve registered for. Spots are granted on a first come, first serve basis; limit of 30 photographers. During the photo excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the Leica X Vario and capture a photo to submit for the city judging. You’ll have until 11:59 PM on the Sunday following the challenge in the time zone of the city challenge to submit your entry.


After each city challenge, all submissions to the X Vario City Challenge will posted as an album to the local Leica Store’s page on Facebook. The image with the most votes over the course of one week will win the city challenge and advance to the final round.

Voting will take place on the respective city’s Leica Store pages on Facebook:


  • City Finalists:
    • Advance to final round (one per city)
  • City Runner-Ups:
    • 1st runner up: 99 Year Book (one per city)
    • 2nd runner up: Leica Myself Book (one per city)


Each city winner will be judged by a panel of 5 acclaimed judges who will choose the overall X Vario City Challenge winner.


  • Grand Prize:
    • Leica X Vario
    • Private reception at the city Leica Store
    • Digital Photo Exhibit at the city Leica Store
    • Special Series on The Leica Camera Blog using the X Vario in 2014
  • Second Prize:  Leica X2
  • Third Prize:     Leica D-Lux 6
  • Fourth Prize:  Leica C


The timetable will be as follows:

City 1 – New York City

  • EVENT: PhotoPlus Expo Oct. 24 – 26
  • CHALLENGE DAY: Friday, Oct. 25, 12 PM EST – 4 PM EST
  • SUBMISSION PERIOD: Friday, Oct. 25 4:01 PM – Sunday, Oct. 27, 11:59 PM EST
  • VOTING PERIOD: Monday, October 28, 12 PM EST – Sunday, November 3 , 11:59 PM EST
  • CITY WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, November 6

City 2 – Washington DC

  • EVENT: FotoWeek DC Nov. 1-10
  • CHALLENGE DAY: Friday, Nov. 8, 12 PM EST – 4 PM EST
  • SUBMISSION PERIOD: Friday, Nov. 8, 4:01 PM EST – Sunday, Nov. 10, 11:59 PM EST
  • VOTING PERIOD: Monday, November 11, 12 PM EST – Sunday, November 17, 11:59 PM EST
  • CITY WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, November 20

City 3 - Los Angeles

  • CHALLENGE DAY: Friday, Nov. 15, 12 PM PT– 4 PM PT
  • SUBMISSION PERIOD: Friday, Nov. 15, 4:01 PM PT – Sunday, Nov. 17, 11:59 PM PT
  • VOTING PERIOD: Monday, November 18, 12 PM PT – Sunday, November 24, 11:59 PM PT
  • CITY WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, November 27

City 4 – Miami

  • EVENT: Art Basel Dec 1-8
  • CHALLENGE DAY: Friday, Dec. 6, 12 PM EST – 4 PM EST
  • SUBMISSION PERIOD: Friday, Dec. 6, 4:01 PM EST – Sunday, Dec. 8, 11:59 PM EST
  • VOTING PERIOD: Monday, December 9, 12 PM EST – Sunday, December 15, 11:59 PM EST
  • CITY WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Tuesday, December 17

Finalists Judging and winner announcement

  • JUDGING PERIOD: Wednesday, December 18
  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER ANNOUNCED: Thursday, December 19

Click here for the official rules for the X Vario City Challenge.



UPDATE: As I’m sure you’ve come across in your daily life, questionable online activity in everything from email spam to Youtube comments, malicious activity on the Internet is prevalent. Unfortunately, we’ve been alerted that some of our photo voting has had suspicious activity, and we’ve spent a considerable amount of time investigating this issue. We are taking measures on a case by case basis to ensure the integrity of this contest isn’t compromised. We value the contest, the participants, and our customers and take this very seriously. We are listening to everyone’s feedback and will take it into consideration for future contests. If you have any specific questions, please email xvario@socialitysquared.com.