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Ilan Godfrey: Legacy of the Mine

© Ilan Godfrey

Born in Johannesburg in 1980, Ilan Godfrey is a South African photographer who devoted himself to an extensive photographic project on the mine, which is central to understand present-day South Africa and its history. This in-depth work gave birth to a book in 2013, “Legacy of the Mine“, where he especially questioned the entangled and [...]

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Joana Choumali: “Hââbré, the Last Generation”

© Joana Choumali

Born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1974, photographer Joana Choumali is one of the winners of the POPCAP 2014 awards for her series “Hââbré, the Last Generation”, which focuses on a dying practice in West Africa: facial scarification. In this interview, she discusses the different stages of her work on these sensitive portraits and her [...]

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Andrew Esiebo: Social Identities and Cultural Imaginaries in West Africa Through the Barbershop Lens

© Andrew Esiebo

Born in 1978, Andrew Esiebo is an acclaimed Lagos-based photographer whose work has been exhibited and published worldwide. Devoting his photo/multimedia work to urban societal issues, he recently turned his gaze to West African barbershops. Their spaces, styles and practices revealed themselves extremely rich to explore issues such as (male) social identities, collective imaginaries and [...]

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Boubacar Touré Mandémory: Militant Photographer and Urban Senegalese Colorist

© Boubacar Toure Mandemory

Born in 1956, Boubacar Touré Mandémory is a Senegalese photographer whose work has crossed borders and been exhibited internationally. Highly instrumental in garnering recognition for both photography in his country and the status of Senegal’s photographers, he and other colleagues established the country’s first private photo agency in 1989 and the Dakar Photo Month in [...]

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Jide Adeniyi-Jones: “Photography Forced Me to Establish a Point of View”

© Jide Adeniyi-Jones

Jide Adeniyi-Jones is a documentary photographer currently based in Kenya. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1952, he entered the field of professional photography twenty years later while in London. Since then he has developed long-term personal projects and more commercial assignments in Africa, Europe and the United States. Here, he introduces us to an ongoing [...]

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Mack Magagane: Constructing within the Already Constructed

© Mack Magagane

Mack Magagane is a 24-year-old, Johannesburg-based photographer. In the interview below, we discuss his first body of work, “Light Hours”, created in Johannesburg in 2009. This project became the basis for his next projects, modes of vision and construction of images. In this series, his deep interest in architecture meets his fascination for the uncanny [...]

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Cedric Nunn: Gazing at the South African Landscape to Reconnect the Present with its History

© Cedric Nunn

Cedric Nunn, born in 1957, is a South African photographer. In the course of the interview, he connects his past steps as an engaged photographer against apartheid with his current concerns for social justice in his country and beyond. He also focus here on his latest project “UNSETTLED: One Hundred Year Xhosa War of Resistance,” [...]

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Ananias Léki Dago: Being There Where Things Are Fragile

Alexandra Township, Afrique du Sud, 2007, © Ananias Léki Dago

Ivorian photographer Ananias Léki Dago was born in 1970.  After a ten-year absence from his country following the Ivoirian crisis which forced him into exile in France, but which at the same time gave him the opportunity to experiment and travel at length in other African countries, he has finally returned to the Ivory Coast [...]

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François-Xavier Gbré: Combining Images and Signs to Reflect Complexity

© François-Xavier Gbré

Born in 1978 in Lille, France, photographer François-Xavier Gbré is particularly interested in architecture and the traces that history leaves on it over time. After a period spent in Italy, where he worked in the world of fashion, he settled in Bamako and began working on  the Olympic pool at the Modibo Keita Stadium, built [...]

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Mário Macilau: Aging…an Encumbering Blessing?

© Mário Macilau

Born in 1984 in Maputo, Mozambique, Mário Macilau is a documentary photographer highly concerned with environmental issues and the living and working conditions of the most vulnerable people. His work has been displayed at different festivals and venues internationally. A recent exhibition of his body of work “Esquecidos” (Forgotten), dedicated to elderly African people, was [...]

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Bruno Boudjelal: Algeria, Troubling Proximities

© Bruno Boudjelal / Agence Vu

Born in 1961, the Franco-Algerian photographer Bruno Boudjelal is a member of the VU agency. After a ten-year photographic project in Algeria that led to the publication of the book, Disquiet Days / Jours intranquilles, which traces his personal journey and links his quest for family to the wider Algerian context. In 2009, he decided [...]

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Charles Okereke: Creating Awareness With Art


Charles Okereke is a photographer and artist born in Nigeria in 1966. His work has been exhibited at different venues and festivals in Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Spain and Switzerland. A recent display of his in Manchester, UK called The Canal People raises questions about environmental issues in Nigeria and more broadly in our global world. [...]

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“Downtown Memories” by Ali Chraïbi: Streaks Of Light, Reminiscent Memories

© Ali Chraïbi

Photographer Ali Chraïbi was born in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 1965. In the following interview, he offers a fine analysis of “Downtown Memories”, the work presented here, in which his motivations, intuitions and desires meet the overarching preoccupation behind his photography: the attempt to bring out beauty there where it is least expected. Q; Ali, when [...]

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Filipe Branquinho: To Keep Photographing the Story of the People…

Jorge Macate, Baker © Felipe Branquinho

Filipe Branquinho is a multi-talented artist living and working in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, where a long-standing tradition of photography exists. After studying architecture at University, he decided to devote his work completely to photography. Through his ongoing documentary project, “Occupations,” which is presented here, we follow his steps into Maputo’s different locations and [...]

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Casablanca: Marco Barbon’s Images of Silence

Casablanca. Le Habbous. 2010

Looking at the body of work that photographer Marco Barbon is compiling with the intricacy of an expert craftsman, we can distinguish several defining characteristics that the artist repeatedly questions. Those characteristics, in return, structure his work and create connections between the different series that comprise it. Amongst these are the question of the “ambiguous” [...]

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