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Anna Silveira: A Passion for Immortalizing Everyday Moments


Anna Silveira uses photography to document and preserve the events and emotions that arise in the course of her subjects’ daily life experiences, or as she eloquently puts it, “to document the routine in a natural way without adornment or artifice.” Based in São Paulo, Brazil, she graduated from SENAC in photography, attended Panamericana School [...]

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Michael Bialecki: Documenting the Changes in Myanmar

© Michael Bialecki

Michael Bialecki was raised in South Florida where he was given his first camera by his father, a photographer, in high school. He grew up skateboarding and his interest in street photography blossomed when he went to college in San Francisco. After graduating with a degree in cultural anthropology, he moved to India to work [...]

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Antonio Sánchez-Barriga: Showing Everyday Life in Jamaica with the Leica M Monochrom

© Antonio Sánchez-Barriga

Antonio Sánchez-Barriga was born in 1948 in Jerez de los Caballeros, a small town in Extremadura in Spain. His passion for photography began when he received his first camera as a present from his father and took a photography course by mail when he was 10 years old. He is presently the Curator of the [...]

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John Thawley: Birthplace to the Blues

© John Thawley

Photographer John Thawley is best known for his automobile racing and sports photography and is the official photographer for the Trans Am Series. In addition to being a full-time photographer, John Thawley owns Creative Communications Group, a company specializing in graphic design for print and electronic online applications. Thawley’s racing images have been featured in print [...]

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Sven Zellner: Reportage on the Mongolian Upper Class

© Sven Zellner

Sven Zellner has been a freelance photographer since 2010 after he graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich in cinematography. His photos have appeared in GEO, Terra Mater, ZEIT Leo, FAS and BBC Wildlife Magazine. He is represented by the agency FOCUS. In the past, he has documented the Great Mongolian Gold Rush and the [...]

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Freya Bromley: London Street Style with the Leica M

© Freya Bromley

Freya Bromley is a journalist and photographer who contributes to several millennial culture projects which involve investigating trending, social and cultural habits. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, MTV Sticky and Zero Magazine among others. Recently, she took to the streets of London to capture street style for her website Frey de Fleur. Q: [...]

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Andy Siddens: Documenting Istanbul with the Leica M Monochrom

© Andy Siddens

Andy Siddens was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England in the late 1960s. After leaving a job in information technology, he now currently resides in Paris where he is working as a photographer and obtaining a degree in photography with the Open College of the Arts. He has had work [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: Alaska and the Yukon

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. A heavy wind knocks me over and pins me to the ground, bringing me eye to eye with a small, striped chipmunk who scurries by uninterested. When the wind decides to briefly let up, I [...]

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Laurie Rae Baxter: Staying Visually Connected

© Laurie Rae Baxter

Laurie Rae Baxter has spent her professional career as a professor of philosophy, and when not traveling, she divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the mountains of Colorado. Her juried work has been exhibited locally and nationally, and as part of group shows in Reykjavik, Iceland; Oaxaca, Mexico; and Santa Fe, [...]

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Daniel Maissan: Photographing with a Focus on Social Causes

© Daniel Maissan

Q: Let me say, I love your blog. Do you think nowadays a blog is useful for a professional photographer? Also, is your blog a part of the activity to present your vision and your work as a photographer? A: I think a blog is useful for any type of job. It’s a way to [...]

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Nicholas Dominic Talvola: Expressing Vision with Music and Photography

1© Nicholas Dominic Talvola

Nicholas Dominic Talvola was born in 1982 in Arcata, a small town off the Northern Coast of California. In 2002, he traveled to Europe with a backpack, camera, soccer ball and a trumpet. He ended up in Spain where he has lived for the past 12 years. For six years, he has made a living [...]

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David English: Classic Wide Monochrom

Sidewalk Shadows #2 (Leica M Monochrom, 28 mm Summicron)  © David English

Lenses can be like old friends. You love them dearly, but — for some reason or another — you may lose contact with them. On renewing the relationship, everything often falls back into place, as though the intervening years had never happened. The Leica 28 mm Summicron-M has been that sort of lens for me. [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: Svalbard

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. The sun follows the horizon line in a circle, giving 24 hours of light, and the surrounding mountains each take their turn to be in it. I wander along trails of [...]

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Natalie Kriwy: Project “30/09”

© Natalie Kriwy

In 2011 German-French photographer Natalie Kriwy received a devastating diagnosis: breast cancer. Rather than simple resignation, she approached her therapy head on, documenting her illness, her surroundings and her recovery. From the first chemotherapy to the final image after she went into remission, the series spans exactly two years – from 30.9.2011 to 30.9.2013. Kriwy [...]

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Joshua Zucker: Storytelling on the Streets of Los Angeles

© Joshua Zucker

Joshua Zucker is a 21-year-old, Los Angeles based photographer and videographer. Before graduating high school, Joshua won three national awards for his documentary film work. Since then, he has been employed full-time by Vans, Woodward Films, and Flip Skateboards. Along with documenting the top skateboarders in the industry, Joshua is also known for shooting street [...]

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