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Katerina Simonova: Art Basel Miami Beach; Photos by Morgan Miller

© Morgan Miller

Katerina Simonova, the Editor in Chief of CREEM magazine, shares her experience at Art Basel Miami Beach. The photos featured in this guest blog post were all taken by Morgan Miller using the Leica X Vario and the Leica C cameras. The question I was asked most often while at Art Basel Miami is why [...]

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Agnese Sanvito: Travel Companion with the Leica X Vario

© Agnese Sanvito

Last month, travel and architectural photographer Agnese Sanvito took a Leica X Vario along with her on her travels to Stockholm. Agnese works with clients including Time Out, London Festival of Architecture, The British Council, and has several awards under her belt. We caught up with Agnese to hear her thoughts on the X Vario [...]

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Mario Marino: Shooting Portraits with Empathy

© Mario Marino

Mario Marino was born in 1967 in Austria. He has been a photographer since 2000 and is based in Germany. He has a special partnership with the Hahnemühle Paper Company and uses their paper for all his gallery and museum exhibitions. His work has been exhibited all over the world including Leica Galerie Salzburg. The [...]

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Tom Brichta: Passionate Artist, Inspired Instructor

© Tom Brichta

Tom Brichta was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where he also attended Cleveland State University and majored in marketing. A lifelong photo enthusiast and an accomplished photographer whose fine art images have been exhibited at one-man shows in prestigious California galleries, he’s been involved in the photo industry since the early ’80s. He was [...]

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Mira Cecile Merks: A Family Story with the X Vario

© Mira Merks

For Mira Cecile Merks, photography started out as something of a sideline. She has been studying ethnology in Hamburg, Germany and in Guadalajara, Mexico since 2009 and is close to completing her degree. Photography, however, is her true passion, and in the future she intends to incorporate it more into her profession. Last March on [...]

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Caroline Wagner: Among People with the X Vario

© Caroline Wagner

Caroline Wagner started taking pictures as a child and then turned her hobby into a professional career, studying at the Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin. She works as a freelance photographer and cites portraiture as her preference. In addition, she works at the Museum of Photography in Berlin and teaches photography. She spent last [...]

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Alex Coghe: The Nasty Project

© Alex Coghe

Photography for me is a reaction to what I have before my eyes. When I look at my work I see memory fragments, parts of my dreams and nightmares and even traces of my mood when I made the picture, but also statements of my visual path. I am a commercial photographer. This implies a [...]

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Yvan Rodic: Capturing Moments in Paris

© Yvan Rodic

“I think photography is one of the most organic and natural ways to share what you experience.” Yvan Rodic is a street photographer known as Face Hunter. He became famous for posting images from fashion and cultural events online in 2006. He helped give rise to street style blogging and is a go to source [...]

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Marcus Reichmann: Circus Magic with the Leica X Vario

© Marcus Reichmann

Marcus Reichmann began his photographic career with an apprenticeship then worked as a professional for a few years before studying photojournalism in Hanover, Germany. Nowadays he specializes in using photography to tell stories. Reichmann works on assignment for major German magazines and newspapers, as well as on his own freelance projects. It was one of [...]

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Donato Chirulli: Expressing the Beauty of the Human Experience

© Donato Chirulli

A serious photo enthusiast since the early 1980s, Donato Chirulli was born and is based in Rome, Italy. He made the unusual move of abandoning a 20-year career in medicine and dentistry in the early 2000s to devote himself entirely to his abiding passion — photography from a distinctly humanist perspective. Since then, has published [...]

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Maria Karas: Matisyahu in Concert with the Leica X Vario

© Maria Karas

“We work best in moments of chaos.” I think that saying perfectly defines that day. Looking back at these photos, I remember it being a humid day in New York. I’m gripping on to my Leica X Vario, as I snap away moments of Matisyahu’s concert at Central Park SummerStage. It was The Good Vibes [...]

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Barnie: Life with my D-Lux 5, Part 2

© Barnie

I live in my pictures and my pictures live in me. It’s my life. I would describe my photography as real images that never lie. As I travel through the streets of Budapest, I don’t hope to find anything specific. I go with the flow. There’s no reaction or interpretations I hope that others find. [...]

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Peter Karbe: A Look through the Vario-Elmar Lens

© Peter Karbe

Every lens has its own story. We wanted to know the story behind the zoom lens of the Leica X Vario, so we asked the person in the best position to tell it – Peter Karbe, head of the optical development department at Leica Camera AG. Below, he provides details on the lens and shows [...]

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Miguel Hechenleitner: A Walk in the Park

© Miguel Hechenleitner

Miguel Hechenleitner studied art and photography at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and has been a professional photographer since the 1980s. After graduating, he won first prize in a photo contest organized by the Franco-Chilean Chamber for Trade and Industry, which led him to Paris and Barcelona, and was the impetus for his beginnings [...]

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Barnie: Life with my D-Lux 5

© Barnie Toth

I just love to take photos. I can’t stop. Since 2011, I’ve carried my D-Lux 5 with me everywhere to capture moments. It’s like an everyday diary. These pictures were taken around Budapest, Hungary. I photograph real things, characters, the people who surround me: friends, family, strangers, famous, unknown — whatever I see and inspires me. [...]

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