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Marc Erwin Babej: Mask of Perfection

© Marc Erwin Babej

Patient: O.L., age 22: Botox injected into the right forehead, to correct the asymmetric brows. Rhinoplasty to be performed, to straighten out the nasal dorsum. Filler injected into the nasolabial folds, right upper lip and philtrum, to correct asymmetry and depressions.   Patient N.R., age 27: Filler under the eyes, nasolabial folds and partly to [...]

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Leica “Das Plätzchen”: Holiday Cookie Competition

Leica Tasty Treats

There’s hardly any other time of the year that has more customs and traditions than the month of December. No matter what nationality, religion or holiday you celebrate, the end of the year is about enjoying time together with the ones you love. Hence, it’s no wonder that culinary treats are a big part of [...]

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“Searching for West”: The Online Premiere

Searching for West

The film “Searching for West” made its live theatrical debut on August 16 in Bozeman, MT. Today, August 22, marks its official online release for worldwide viewing.  The film was inspired by Mark Seacat’s desire to serve as husband, father and hunter as the three converged at the same time: his son West was born [...]

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Tom Stoddart: Perspectives

© Tom Stoddart/Getty Images

Tom Stoddart has travelled to more than 50 countries and documented such historic events as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Siege of Sarajevo and the election of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s first black president. His in-depth work on the HIV/AIDS pandemic blighting sub-Saharan Africa won the POY World Understanding Award in 2003. In [...]

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Bobby Lee: Preserving the Tradition

© Patrick Kwan

Award-winning photographer Bobby Lee helped start the first Leica M Digital Workshops in Hong Kong. Presented here is the video where you can watch as students immerse themselves in the hands-on lesson at an the the old style hair salon in addition to seeing examples of their work and reading how Bobby Lee emphasizes the relationship between [...]

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Repair of a Legend

Repair of a Legend: Leica M4 in Pieces

“Winding. Clicking. Winding. Clicking, and so on. That’s what I have been doing the last couple of days. Sitting with the camera between my hands and listening to the sound of the shutter.” – Paal Audestad Worn out Leica cameras are a rare sight, but Paal Audestad managed to do the impossible. Paal started taking pictures [...]

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Thomas Schweigert: Weile

"Weile" Making of; Taken by Schwarz & Hell

Six months ago Thomas Schweigert was offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition, which would be his first. The exhibition would be part of a long-term display at Weltbühne, a new coffee house and restaurant opening up inside of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. The plan is for a designated wall in the restaurant to display the work of 20 different photographers for a six month period each, over the course of 10 years. Each photographer would leave behind one image to remain as part of the wall. Thomas signed on and began the long process of sorting through his archive.

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The Making of Chariot

Chariot taken with Leica S2 by John Wright

This fierce shoot took place at Jet Studios in London with fashion and celebrity photographer, John Wright. The picture was done with five girls, one chariot, a Leica S2–70mm lens and over 100 shots. The art of this picture lies not only in its master photographery, but also in the special effects. The girls at [...]

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