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#LeicaFotopark: Monika Bulaj is Here, Where are You?

© Monika Bulaj

Leica Camera is celebrating the grand opening of Leica Fotopark, the online platform where you can discover, exchange, organize and create! This series examines the photographers who are the first members of the Leica Fotopark community and helped test the platform. Here they share their thoughts and impressions. Monika Bulaj, born in 1966, is a [...]

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Mack Magagane: Constructing within the Already Constructed

© Mack Magagane

Mack Magagane is a 24-year-old, Johannesburg-based photographer. In the interview below, we discuss his first body of work, “Light Hours”, created in Johannesburg in 2009. This project became the basis for his next projects, modes of vision and construction of images. In this series, his deep interest in architecture meets his fascination for the uncanny [...]

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Aaron C. Greenman: China Jiangsu

© Aaron C. Greenman

As a self-proclaimed brilliant businessman once lectured me, “the entire world is becoming global.” Equally insightful (or not), small signs demonstrating humanity’s universality are clearly everywhere – and in China’s Jiangsu province, there are likely more than most anywhere else, certainly per square meter. Once again the headlines and catch lines used by the world’s [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: La Neblina

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. “La Neblina” is photographic journey along the Pan-American highway in northern Peru towards the high elevation city of San Pablo. In 1952 it was home to a leper colony that [...]

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Joachim Baldauf: Beauty Looks 2015

© Joachim Baldauf

In a photo shoot with model Lena Gercke, Joachim Baldauf gave expression to his notion of Beauty Looks for 2015. Characteristic to his work, the Berlin photographer – whose emphasis lies on portrait and fashion – takes a very personal approach, with a distinctive sense for avant-garde styling. In an interview, Baldauf reveals why working [...]

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Andy Spyra: Out of the Dark

© Andy Spyra

2015 marks the centenary of the Armenian genocide. Many Armenians survived the massacre because they were taken in and hidden by Kurdish or Turkish families. Many of their descendants only found out about their origins decades later. Photographer and Leica Oskar Barnack Award winner Andy Spyra set out in search of their story. We spoke [...]

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Dolorès Marat: Everything is an Excuse for a Potential Photo

© Dolorès Marat'

Creator of a poetic, singular oeuvre in colour, magnified by Atelier Fresson prints, we talk here to Dolorès Marat, a grand figure of photography, whose “Mille rêves” exhibition (A Thousand Dreams) inaugurates the new Leica Store in Paris on 105-109 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, with its gallery, book store and Leica Akademie (December 1, 2014 [...]

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Claire Yaffa – Thoughts of Poets, Philosophers and Dreamers, Chapter 34

© Claire Yaffa

Claire Yaffa took her first photograph 48 years ago when her son was 18 months old and it was the beginning of her journey, first as a mother, then as a photographer. She has worked extensively for The New York Times and Associated Press. Her photographs have appeared in countless influential publications and have been [...]

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#LeicaFotopark: Fred Mortagne is Here, Where are You?

© Fred Mortagne

Leica Camera is celebrating the grand opening of Leica Fotopark, the online platform where you can discover, exchange, organize and create! This series examines the photographers who are the first members of the Leica Fotopark community and helped test the platform. Here they share their thoughts and impressions. Fred Mortagne is a self-taught French director [...]

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Simone Schedoni: Leica Meets Schedoni to Create Unique Items

Schedoni for Leica System Case

Schedoni s.r.l. is an Italian, Modena-based and family-run company, whose history, skills and experience in working leather to create high-standard goods go back to 1880. After detailing his company’s spirit, evolution and main business, Simone Schedoni, chairman of the firm, discusses how the collaboration with Leica Camera originally came about to design the “Schedoni for [...]

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Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq: Homage to the Vanishing Ice of Greenland

© 2012 Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq

Name: QITITTUT, DANCING ANCESTORS © 2012 Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq/Sven Nieder/Light Ambassadors: Adam Lyberth, Helena Eva Lyberth, Ursilla Poulsen, Tina Lyberth, Juliane Abrahamsen, Anguak Niko Lennert Tech Data: Leica S, Elmarit-S 30 mm, ISO 320, f/3.4, 45 seconds “Only by melting the ice in the heart of Man does Man have a chance to change and [...]

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Arto Saari: The Fine Art of Airport Skateboarding

© Arto Saari

A professional skateboarder for 15 years, Arto Saari is also a remarkably adept self-taught photographer with an unerring instinct for dynamic composition, capturing high-speed action, and sophisticated use of lighting. Given the unlikely assignment of capturing some of the world’s top skateboarders soaring through the air at Helsinki Airport to promote Finnair, he chose the [...]

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Jean-Jacques Ruchti: On Track

© Jean-Jaques Ruchti

Among other things, Swiss photographer Jean-Jacques Ruchti works for the Sauber Formula 1 Racing Team. He photographs with a Leica M8 and a Leica S2. In the above video, which was produced for Leica for photokina, you can see him working at the race track. Q: What made you decide to become a professional photographer? [...]

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John Langmore: Open Range – Photographing America’s Big Outfit Cowboys

S Ranch - Pryor, MT 2 © John Langmore

John Langmore is an Austin, Texas based photographer known for his long-term work on East Austin and Oaxaca, Mexico. He grew up in a family of great photographers  – most notably his father, Bank Langmore, who established himself as one of the preeminent photographers of the American West in the 1970s. A professional and committed photographer, John [...]

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Destination Stories: François Fontaine, Photograms of a Dream-Like Paris, Part 2

© François Fontaine

In part two of our interview with François Fontaine, we continue our visual tour through Paris for his joint commission with Starwood Luxury Collection Hotels and Leica Camera and explore his use of the Leica X Vario for this project. You can read our initial interview with François here. Q: What’s your relation to the Leica? [...]

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