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Stanley Greene: Front Man

© Stanley Greene

From punk concerts to tank trenches, the photographer Stanley Greene reveals his great versatility. Issue No. 2 of the M Magazine presented images he took in San Francisco in the early eighties; with his camera on hand, he threw himself into the excesses of the party scene, getting carried away by sex, drugs and rock [...]

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Alberto Venzago: The Leica Q at the Circus

© Alberto Venzago

Alberto Venzago was one of the first photographers given the chance to work extensively with a Leica Q. These days the Swiss photographer keeps it constantly at his side. Venzago, who works mainly in black-and-white, put the Q to the test at the Swiss National Circus Knie, producing available light impressions – also in colour, [...]

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Richard Seymour: At the Leitz-Park with a Leica S (Typ 007)

© Richard Seymour

The British industry and architecture photographer and filmmaker Richard Seymour was one of the first to try out the new Leica S (Typ 007) at a photo shoot – the company he was assigned to portray was Leica Camera AG. Since its opening in honor of the centenary of the original Leica, the Leitz-Park in [...]

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Richard Curtis: Amongst the Eagle Hunters and Nadaams in Mongolia

© Richard Curtis

This interview is part of a series in which Olaf Willoughby talks with Leica Meet members about their photographic projects, stories, goals and learnings along the way.  Richard Curtis is a photographer based in London. Richard talks here about his once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the eagle hunters of Mongolia with a BBC [...]

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Zac Patsalides: On The Road From Beijing To Borneo

© Zac Patsalides

Zac Patsalides is an up-and-coming photographer based in Suffolk, UK. At the age of 15, he was gifted an old Pentax film camera and his love of photography was born while studying A Level. His career is beginning to take off, and he has had images featured on Vogue online as well as LFI Mastershots, The Leica Meets [...]

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Peter Turnley: Cuba – A Grace of Spirit

© Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley is a renowned photojournalist who has been creating memorable images for more than four decades. Turnley has photographed monumental moments of historic change and revolution including the Gulf War, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechnya, the fall of the Berlin Wall, revolutions in Eastern Europe, Tiananmen Square, the release of Nelson Mandela, the end of apartheid [...]

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Laxmi Kaul: Capturing the Emotion at Kumbh Mela

© Laxmi Kaul

Laxmi Kaul is a self-taught, professional photographer. She first discovered her interest in photography as a young girl when she saw her father’s passion for capturing images, as he saw them. Laxmi reads mythology, connects with spirituality in daily life and travels with a patriotic zeal. She believes the camera is her tool and photography [...]

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Josef Szotten: Cigar Shop – An Intimate Urban Documentary

© Josef Szotten

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, Josef Szotten is a self-taught photographer with a passion for capturing classic black-and-white documentary images on Kodak Tri-X film with his vintage Leica M cameras. This is the story of how he created a portfolio that conveys the authentic spirit of Martinez Cigars, a traditional old-time New York City [...]

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Ethan Chiang: The Light Stalker

© Ethan Chiang

A dedicated street photographer, Ethan Chiang has created provocative images from Taipei, Taiwan, where he lives, and Seoul, Korea, where he has cultural roots. This is the story of his passion for street photography, what motivates his quest to transform the everyday into the extraordinary, and how he has inspired other photographers to follow in [...]

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Uwe Martin: California Dreamin’

© Uwe H. Martin

Almonds blossom, tomatoes, parsley as far as the eye can see: California cultivates more produce than anywhere else in the U.S.A. Consequently, the drought that has been on-going for five years is reaching catastrophic proportions for the locals. Uwe H. Martin photographed this nightmare in the heart of the U.S. agricultural industry. Here is a [...]

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Dan Rubin: A Look Back in Time at the Goodwood Revival


Dan Rubin is a designer, photographer, and creative director based in London. Co-founder of both The Photographic Journal and webgraph, a design studio, and host of the Apple Event series “Meet The iPhone Photographer”, Dan speaks at conferences worldwide including An Event Apart, South by Southwest, UX London, and consults for startups and established brands around the world. Dan [...]

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Marcio Scavone: Exposing the Roots of Photographs

© Marcio Scavone

Marcio Scavone was born in São Paulo in 1952. As a child, he began to shoot with his father’s Rolleiflex and at 20 he was already an advertising photographer. He studied photography in London in the 1970s. After going back to Brazil, he returned to Europe in the ’90s to live and photograph. Some of [...]

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Eric Sawitoski: Soccer Superstars Up Close and Personal

Wayne Rooney © Eric Sawitoski

Eric Sawitoski is the global creative director for Aon. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He honed his skills photographing nightlife for the Chicago Sun-Times as a freelancer, all the while building his reputation as a street lifestyle photographer. He has covered fashion and live music for WWD and Michigan Avenue magazine, and [...]

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Vincent Laine: Designing the Leica Q


Q: How did you come to work for Leica and what is your exact job title? A: It all started when I designed and published a future design concept for Leica during spare time in university. The project got a lot of exposure in forums and social media online, this is how I finally got [...]

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Al Satterwhite: An All-Encompassing View Of The World

© Al Satterwhite

Among countless accomplishments that have elevated him to the top ranks of today’s contemporary photographers, Al Satterwhite is the acknowledged grandmaster of the fisheye format. Here, in his own incisive and revealing words, is the story behind how he created the images featured in aRound New York, a 30-year retrospective of his spectacular 180º images [...]

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