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Ben Molina: Appropriately Untitled

© Ben Molina

Ben Molina is a graphic designer currently based in the Bay Area in California. His work has been featured in several group shows and local publications in California. Currently, he is also part of a major street photography exhibition in Manila in the Philippines. In 2014, his “Now Here, Nowhere” slideshow was among those featured [...]

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Shin Noguchi: Open for Interpretation

© Shin Noguchi Photography

Shin Noguchi is a freelance graphic designer and street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan. He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, beauty and humanism among the flow of everyday life and has an approach that is sensitive to the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture. He [...]

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Dana Barsuhn: Experiencing the World with Street Photography

© Dana Barsuhn

Dana Barsuhn, born in 1976, is a Los Angeles based street photographer. Using his Leica M4, Dana’s work is mainly shot in black and white. He has been featured in several Los Angeles exhibitions and in 2011 created a PDF book of his street images as a personal diary titled “Framed.”  Eric Kim, a contributor to [...]

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K. Chae: Bringing “Fine Art Street Photography” to South Korea and Beyond

© K. Chae

K. Chae is South Korean photographer who travels the world to express what he sees with photography. He calls the photos he’s taken around the world “Pieces of Earth.” He studied photography in New York, and became a full time professional photographer when he settled back in Korea in 2011. In 2012, he opened an [...]

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Satoki Nagata: People And Their Life In Chicago

Michigan Avenue, Chicago 2011 © Satoki Nagata

Satoki Nagata was born and raised in Japan, and after graduating university with a degree in Neuroscience, moved to the U.S. and started using a camera to photograph Chicago and its citizens. Although he never received formal education in photography, he has studied documentary and fine art photography with photojournalist Damaso Reyes since 2009. Since [...]

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Ming Thein: Leaving the Corporate World for the Streets of Kuala Lumpur

© Ming Thein

Ming Thein is a commercial photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; he specialises in watches, architecture and food, and shares his knowledge through workshops and his photography blog. He spent many years in the corporate world – last serving as a senior director at a private equity firm and McDonalds  – before quitting to turn his passion into a career. He [...]

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Kai Man Wong: The Man Behind DigitalRev

© Kaiman Wong

Kai Man Wong is the presenter, co-producer, writer of DigitalRev TV – the world’s most subscribed photography channel on YouTube – and a passionate photographer. A lot of the reviews he makes are characterised by the photography that takes place on the streets of Hong Kong. Eric Kim, a contributor to the Leica blog, interviews him. [...]

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Burn My Eye: An International Street Photography Collective


“Burn My Eye” is an international collective aiming to show the extraordinary within the ordinary using candid photography. They use a fresh and new perspective when it comes to street photography, and are comprised of twelve members from all over the globe. Burn My Eye will be holding their first exhibition at the prestigious London [...]

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Jonathan van Smit: Raw Hong Kong

© Jonathan van Smit

Jonathan van Smit is a self-taught photographer from New Zealand who has lived and photographed in Hong Kong since early 2008. His photographs are a stream of stark, grungy, snapshots mostly taken at night in Kowloon with wide-angle lenses. His work has been described as ” raw, sometimes shockingly so, but never sensationalist. It’s full [...]

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Gary Wang: Rangefinder Singapore

© Gary Wang

Gary Wang is a street photographer based in Singapore and is well regarded for his work shot on his Leica camera and super-wide 21mm lens. He is the founding member & head of Rangefinder Singapore, a community dedicated to further knowledge of photography and rangefinder cameras. He has also been recently nominated to the 2011 [...]

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