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Gabriele Lopez: Staying True to the Basics of Photography

gabriele lopez19122011-38

Garbriele Lopez is a photographer based out of Milan, Italy. He has been photographing for twenty years and has a wide variety of projects ranging from weddings to street photography. His passion for photography began at a very young age and he continues to pursue and develop his skills by teaching and attending workshops regularly. [...]

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Gokhan Cukurova: Tenacity And Planning Required

© Gokhan Cukurova

Gokhan Cukurova, born and raised in Turkey, came to the United States at 23 where he discovered photography. In 2000, he started his succesful career in wedding photography and now shoots street photography as well.  He is founder & director of Chicago Photographic Society and an instructor for many workshops. Q: Gokhan, let me start [...]

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Richard Bram: Finding The Significant Gesture

Evolution © Richard Bram

Richard Bram was born in Philadelphia, PA and attended Arizona State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. He started off with a career in business, but gave that up to pursue photography full-time as a profession. His works have been seen in exhibitions around the world and numerous publications. He [...]

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David Carol: Photographing the Absurdity of Life


David Carol was born in New York City. He attended the School of Visual Arts and The New School for Social Research where he studied under Lisette Model. He has been traveling and taking pictures for himself and others for over twenty-five years. The interview was conducted by Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe. Q: David Carol, how [...]

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Alfonso De Castro: Professor, Photographer and Daguerreotypist

© Alfonso De Castro

Alfonso De Castro describes himself as a “photographer and daguerreotypist specialized in portrait, nude and documentary photography.” He has Bachelor of Arts in Physics and a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and has been for many years a Professor of Photography at the University of Barcelona in the Department of Fine Arts. Leica Blog contributor Alex [...]

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STRATA: Shared Passion For The Still Image

© Steve Goldenberg

STRATA is a photography collective based out of Washington D.C. and San Francisco, CA. Bill Bramble (B), Matt Dunn (M), Steve Goldenberg (S), Michael Hicks (H), Chris Suspect (C) and Aziz Yazdani (A).  They brought their talents together in an effort to take pictures that leave the viewer asking questions. Goals of their work include [...]

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Kenneth Tanaka: The Architecture Of A Photograph

© Kenneth Tanaka

Kenneth Tanaka is a U.S. based photographer with a background in architecture. His work has been in numerous publications and exhibitions. He uses his photography to discover all the ambiguities, beauty, humor and discontinuities in the everyday world. Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe  conducted this interview. Q: Hello, Kenneth! In the notes you sent me [...]

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Jesse Lirola: Capturing Musicians, Fashion and Sports

© Jesse Lirola

Jesse Lirola is a photographer based in Chicago, IL and is known for shooting musicians such as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. His work has been in publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine & US Weekly. Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe  conducted this interview. Q: Hi Jesse. To begin this interview, can you [...]

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José Antonio Martínez: Taking Photographs From Festivals To Morgues

© José Antonio Martínez

José Antonio Martínez graduated cum laude as an industrial designer from the Universidad Iberoamericana but has had a long career in photography. Martinez’s work is part of the collections of the Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle; of the Library of the University of Texas, Austin, United States, as well as The Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center in [...]

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Florian Wagner: Adventures in Wildlife

© Florian Wagner

Florian Wagner is a photographer, paragliding instructor and helicopter pilot based in Munich, Germany. His work explores wildlife, outdoor sports and the environment. Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe  conducted this interview. Q: Hi Florian, this is your second interview for Leica Camera’s blog. So, I would start this interview asking if you’ve done other safaris [...]

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John Thawley: Automobile Racing Photography

© John Thawley

John Thawley is a photographer who is best known for his automobile racing photography. Thawley travels extensively throughout the year shooting the full schedules of American Le Mans Series, SPEED World Challenge Series and select Grand-Am, and Indy Racing League events. Thawley’s racing images have been featured in print for companies such as Acura, Cadillac, [...]

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Daniel Milnor: Photographing On His Own Terms

© Daniel Milnor

Daniel Milnor, based out of Southern California and New Mexico, is a former newspaper, magazine and commercial photographer. He now focuses on his own projects, authors a blog and works as a “Photographer at Large” for Blurb, a print-on-demand book publishing company. The interview was conducted by Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe. Q: Hi Daniel, [...]

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Ben Lieberman: Photographing A New York State Of Mind

© Ben Lieberman

Ben Lieberman is a New York City based photographer with a background in clinical psychology. He spends his time capturing the diverse people and vibrant culture of New York City. Alex Coghe, the interviewer, is Leica Blog contributor. Q: Hi Ben, when did you first become interested in photography as a mode of expression, an [...]

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Jonathan Slack: Capturing China With The Leica M Monochrom

© Jonathan Slack

Jonathan Slack is a British photographer, and one of several photographers who had the opportunity to test the Leica M9 prototype (called Leica P8 or P-864) since June 2009. In his website he presents us several galleries dedicated to Leica. You can find also a download section with DNG files produced with Leica cameras. Alex [...]

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William Coupon: Photographing Presidents to Punk Rockers

Muriel © William Coupon

William Coupon is an American photographer from New York City. He is a famous photographer known especially for his formal studio portraits of tribal people, politicians and celebrities. Some of his most famous images are of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, which were “Person of the Year” covers for Time Magazine. George Harrison, [...]

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