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Boulbar: Motor Hotel

Motor Hotel © Boulbar

In September 2010, Boulbar, French singer-songwriter and photographer, set off for a journey across the U.S. Departing in New York and ending his trip in San Francisco, Boulbar set off alone without a plan just his recording equipment, a rented Ford, two Leica cameras (an X1 and a V-Lux 20), one road map and a [...]

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Viva Varun: In Chicago!

The Tribune Tower opened in 1925.

Answer to “Where am I?”: Chicago! The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed all but two buildings in downtown Chicago. The Old Water Tower (and Pumping Station) was one of the lucky ones. It was built in 1869 out of limestone blocks. Its architect, William Boyington, created this “European castle” that at 47 metres in height [...]

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Nasser Kalaji: “My photography is rapping through images.”

Cairo, Egypt by Nasser Kalaji

A talented young Jordanian photographer dedicated to covering the emerging Arab hip-hop scene, Nasser Kalaji acquired his first camera in October 2009. By August 2010 his incisive and moving urban images were already being featured and admired on Leica blogs. Nasser has recently formed a company, Immortal, with his dear friend and Mentor Laith Majali, [...]

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Viva Varun: In Prague

THE view! By Varun Sharma, V-Lux 20

Answer to “Where am I?”: St Vitus’s Cathedral in Prague Castle, The Czech Republic Greetings from the Penthouse Suite of the Kempinski Hotel, seven floors above street level in Prague, the capital city of The Czech Republic. Before you ask, my job is host of Inside Luxury Travel. Over the past decade, I have travelled the world presenting this television [...]

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