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David English: Surreal Vegas

Circus Circus’ Katrina (Leica M9, 24mm Summilux) © David English

What’s the most exotic city in the world? Let me suggest a city that’s famous not for its indigenous culture, but for its artificialness. In fact, it’s known for appropriating other cultures and spitting out faux replicas of those cultures. The city is Las Vegas. As a substitute for the real-world locations, it fails miserably. [...]

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David English: Going Ultra-Wide

Roller Coaster; Taken with Leica M9, Voigtlander 12mm by David English

I suppose it was inevitable. Acquire a taste for wide-angle lenses, and you’ll soon wonder just how wide you can go. With an M-series camera, that can be as wide as 12mm, if you’re willing to go with a third-party lens. As you may have guessed, I couldn’t resist the call to walk on the [...]

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