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Thomas Schweigert: Weile

"Weile" Making of; Taken by Schwarz & Hell

Six months ago Thomas Schweigert was offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition, which would be his first. The exhibition would be part of a long-term display at Weltbühne, a new coffee house and restaurant opening up inside of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. The plan is for a designated wall in the restaurant to display the work of 20 different photographers for a six month period each, over the course of 10 years. Each photographer would leave behind one image to remain as part of the wall. Thomas signed on and began the long process of sorting through his archive.

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Thomas Schweigert: Place2be Berlin

C/O Berlin International Forum For Visual Dialogues

Thomas Schweigert is a Berlin based professional photograher who works with Favorite Picture, an image licensing agency in Berlin. You can view his work on his site Purephotography. You can also watch him at work in our Portrait of Thomas Schweigert. We armed Thomas with a Leica camera and asked him to document his favorite spots [...]

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A Portrait of German Photographer Thomas Schweigert

Sabine Timoteo taken by Thomas Schweigert

As someone who started out in the movie business doing location scouting for films, it’s particularly interesting that Thomas Schweigert has become a portrait photographer who, as he said, doesn´t  need crazy props or crazy locations to make a personal portrait. Having been born and raised in Germany, he went to study at the Fotografie [...]

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