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Cameron Salehi: Firecracker with an Eye, Part 2

Ricky Fitts by Cameron Salehi

In the second part of this interview , an emerging 24-year-old photographer develops her natural talent through hands-on experience with the Leica M9 Her “post-graduate” education on 5 National Geographic mentored trips provided her with a firm foundation in the nuances of travel and street shooting, enabling her to create a remarkably mature picture portfolio [...]

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Cameron Salehi: Firecracker with an Eye, Part 1

Mint Condition by Cameron Salehi

This emerging 24-year-old photographer has talent, family support, a great camera, and the right stuff to make it. Cameron Salehi was raised in a small town in the middle of the West Texas desert and graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a degree in philosophy and photography. But her heart never left the picturesque “big sky” country [...]

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