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Chris Suspect: Continuing the Visual Conversation

© Chris Suspect

Chris Suspect, born in the Philippines to an American diplomat father, is a professional new media content creator specializing in video, live streaming, podcasting and audio production. His photos have been published in numerous places, both online and in print, including The Atlantic Monthly, Science, and Forbes. Recently, he was awarded Best in Show for [...]

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STRATA: Shared Passion For The Still Image

© Steve Goldenberg

STRATA is a photography collective based out of Washington D.C. and San Francisco, CA. Bill Bramble (B), Matt Dunn (M), Steve Goldenberg (S), Michael Hicks (H), Chris Suspect (C) and Aziz Yazdani (A).  They brought their talents together in an effort to take pictures that leave the viewer asking questions. Goals of their work include [...]

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