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Luciano Checco: The Other Singapore

© Luciano Checco

A passionate humanist and documentary photographer, Luciano Checco was born in Aosta, Italy in 1954, moved to Singapore in 1992, and is now Vice President of a German company that supplies equipment to the oil and gas industry. This is the story of how he created a portfolio that exposes the exploitation and human misery [...]

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Gary Wang: Rangefinder Singapore

© Gary Wang

Gary Wang is a street photographer based in Singapore and is well regarded for his work shot on his Leica camera and super-wide 21mm lens. He is the founding member & head of Rangefinder Singapore, a community dedicated to further knowledge of photography and rangefinder cameras. He has also been recently nominated to the 2011 [...]

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Raymond Phang: Christmas Time in Singapore

© Raymond Phang

Singapore-born Photographer Raymond Phang was still a student when the photography bug hit him like a deadly disease. He was never cured and instead got further poisoned during his National Service days when he was tasked with photographing various events. After he completed National Service, he dived straight into photography and had never since looked [...]

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