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13 reasons why you should own this camera: The work of Katia Mi

© Katia Mi

An avid Instagrammer and photographer, Czech Republic-born Katia Mi has been shooting with the Leica T for several months now. With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, PR, media planning, web design, graphic, interior, fashion, jewelry and women accessories, Katia has spearheaded several imagery projects including @training_project and @concept_project, making her one [...]

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Arrivals and Departures: An Introduction

Jacob Aue Sobol

Huge distances in a slow pace On this journey I will visit three cities, where I have never been before:  Moscow, Ulan Batar, and Beijing. The train will bring me from the Russian forests to the Mongolian desert and finally through the mountains to Beijing. The train will be the red thread connecting these capitals. [...]

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