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Rijasolo: On the Antananarivo Skateboarding Scene in Madagascar

© Rijasolo / AFP PHOTOS

Born in France in 1973, Rijasolo is a photographer and photojournalist. Since Miverina, a return to Madagascar, his photographic series in which he sought to confront both his imagination and his childhood memories with the country that his family history ties him to, Rijasolo has moved to ‘la Grand Île’, where he works on an [...]

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“Miverina”: Rijasolo’s Photographic Return to Madagascar

A peasant at Ambositra country, July 2009. PORTFOLIO MIVERINA, BACK TO MADAGASCAR BY RIJASOLO

Rijasolo has been on Leica’s radar. He won first place in Leica Fotografie International’s “35mm Wide Angle” competition and also had a portfolio of his work published in the April 2010 issue of the magazine. His latest work, the highly personal, “Miverina” retraces six years of photographic tussling with the changing face of Madagascar, the [...]

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