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Red Bull X-Alps Ends Victoriously in Monaco

Christian Maurer (SUI1) and his supporter celebrating at goal in Monaco at the Red Bull X-Alps on the 28th of July 2011.

On Thursday, July 28 Christian Maurer, Team SUI1, landed in Monaco having completed the Red Bull X-Alps race in just under 11 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes. Despite having infringed on a forbidden zone and thus being served a 24-hour penalty, Maurer still managed to finish the race far ahead of the other competitors. [...]

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Checking in with the Red Bull X-Alps Athletes

Helmut Eichholzer, Team AUT1; Taken at +46° 36' 25.78", +12° 17' 22.81"

The Red Bull X-Alps athletes have now been running, hiking and paragliding for ten days through Austria, Italy and Switzerland. As the three leading athletes pass the last turn point into France they are getting ever closer to the finish line in Monaco. At the time this post was published, Christian Maurer of Team SUI1 [...]

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Good Luck Red Bull X-Alps Athletes!

Red Bull X-Alps 2011

Join us in wishing the Red Bull X-Alps Athletes Good Luck! Yesterday, at 11:30am on July 17, thirty athletes started the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race from Salzburg to Monaco. The non-stop race across the Alps spans 864-kilometres that athletes race through on foot or with paragliders. As a sponsor of the race, each athlete [...]

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