Ulla Hebgen: A Decisive Moment and Discovery of the Leica M9

Brother by Ulla Hebgen

A borrowed camera, an engaging subject, and an unexpected opportunity led to a life-changing adventure.

As a pro, I know that commercial photography demands creativity in the face of impossible deadlines, but ironically we hardly ever have time to express our own personal ideas. Once you enter the wonderful world of advertising your role is circumscribed by the strict demands of the client and the job at hand. This intensity and focus is the very reason we feel an enormous urge to refresh ourselves, to rediscover and experience life. What we are seeking is something authentic, something indefinable that’s not optimized nor stylized to fit a preconceived idea. I love this personal and intimate kind of photography. Indeed, at this very moment, I, too, am discarding the superfluous and getting back to basics.

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