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Paul S. Bartholomew: Interpreting Food and Architecture with the Leica S-System

© Paul S. Bartholomew

Raised in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania countryside, Paul was influenced by his local surroundings and culture. With an appreciation for still life, culinary traditions and historic structures, he found himself articulating his observations with drawings and paintings until photography became his primary medium. He received his BFA in Fine Arts from Kutztown University with a [...]

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Paul S. Bartholomew: An Architect’s Eye on the World

Wetzlar Bridge © Paul S. Bartholomew

Based in Pennsylvania, Paul S. Bartholomew has spent most of his career as a commercial photographer shooting architectural exteriors and interiors. Currently he employs tripod-mounted DSLRs for this purpose, but he’s fascinated by the prospect of shooting architecture professionally with the Leica S2. Bartholomew also brings the sensibility of an architect to his personal work, [...]

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