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Yvan Rodic: Capturing Moments in Paris

© Yvan Rodic

“I think photography is one of the most organic and natural ways to share what you experience.” Yvan Rodic is a street photographer known as Face Hunter. He became famous for posting images from fashion and cultural events online in 2006. He helped give rise to street style blogging and is a go to source [...]

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Peter Turnley: French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris

© Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley is a renowned photojournalist, who has, for more than four decades, created an enduring legacy of memorable images that reveal the depth and pathos of our common human experience and history. Turnley has photographed monumental moments of historic change and revolution including the Gulf War, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechnya, the fall of the [...]

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Between the [frame] Lines: Paris

© Matt Borkowski

Matt Borkowski is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer focused on minimalism and environmental portraiture. Matt is currently pursuing printed publication, exhibition, and commissioned opportunities. His extensive artistic background includes work in graphic and web design, fashion, and literature. Few cities in the world are as iconic as Paris. From the bustle of Châtelet to the ease of [...]

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LOOK3 Guest Series: Refreshed and Inspired

© Peter Earl McCollough

In late May I drove from San Francisco to Charlottesville to attend the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. LOOK3, which is the festival that offered an award that began my relationship with Leica, is probably the most intimate and intense photo festival in America (For example, this year they coordinated the rare event of Sally [...]

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A Decisive Moment in Paris: Leica Camera & Magnum Photos

Leica Magnum Event © Anaïd de Dieuleveult

On Tuesday, June 21, Leica Camera and Magnum Photos gathered distinguished guests at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. The event began with a panel discussion entitled “Crises and catastrophes in pictures. What justifiable role can photojournalism play in an age of camera phones, Twitter and Facebook?” Moderated by Samuel Kirszenbaum. The panel included [...]

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