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Nasser Kalaji: Ta7ya al Gomhoriya Featuring MC Amin

© Nasser Kalaji

Given the recent events in Egypt, today we are presenting a short edit of photos that were taken by Nasser Kalaji with a Leica compact camera during a recent trip to Cairo before the demonstrations. Nasser explains his inspiration for the video he created, “The idea for the project came as I was editing the [...]

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Nasser Kalaji Documents the Jordanian Election


Identity is a central element of elections. This is ever so present in Jordan, and with over 50% of our population coming from Palestinian backgrounds, the Palestinian issue is a dominant one in Jordanian politics. The fact that a lot of candidates chose to run on heavily oriented Palestinian issues is a reflection on how [...]

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Nasser Kalaji: Beyond Documenting the Arab Hip-Hop Movement

By Nasser Kalaji

Laith Majali and Nasser Kalaji are the creative forces behind Immortal, an enterprise devoted to documenting and supporting the Arab hip-hop movement through film and photography. They seek out projects that “deal with the realities of problems and issues in the Arab world,” a core theme expressed in Arab hip-hop music. They are doing much [...]

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Nasser Kalaji: “My photography is rapping through images.”

Cairo, Egypt by Nasser Kalaji

A talented young Jordanian photographer dedicated to covering the emerging Arab hip-hop scene, Nasser Kalaji acquired his first camera in October 2009. By August 2010 his incisive and moving urban images were already being featured and admired on Leica blogs. Nasser has recently formed a company, Immortal, with his dear friend and Mentor Laith Majali, [...]

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