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Kaushal Parikh: Breaking Free from Banking

© Kaushal Parikh

Kaushal Parikh describes himself as an ex-banker turned street photographer. He has shot street photography seriously for the last three years, drawing inspiration from Magnum photographers, as well as members from the In-Public collective. After shooting in what he describes as a bubble, he is in the process of building up an online/offline street photography community [...]

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Viva Varun: In Mumbai!

Sunrise over the Arabian Sea ... and the Gateway of India

Answer to Where Am I?:  The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel in Mumbai (Bombay) in India Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly on the blog, Facebook and Twitter: Norm, Yohanes, Arun, Jim, Alain, Michael, Nicole, Bernard, Khrystene, Luke, Siriporn, Ali and Nicholas. There are several – but still just a few – iconic hotels of [...]

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