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Claudio Majorana: Mexicana

© Claudio Majorana

Claudio Majorana is a medical student and freelance documentary photographer who got his start in 2005. Born in Sicily, Italy in 1986, he is the son of a doctor and a painter, so his interests have always been divided between art and science. His photographic interests are primarily in documenting youth, skateboarding and street culture. [...]

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John Langmore: Photographing the Mystery of Oaxaca

The Cowboy © John Langmore

John Langmore is an Austin, Texas based photographer most noted for his long-term work on East Austin and Oaxaca, Mexico. He grew up in a family of great photographers  – most notably his father, Bank Langmore, who established himself as one of the preeminent photographers of the American West in the 1970s. A professional and enthusiastic photographer, [...]

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