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#LeicaFotopark: Max Malatesta is Here, Where are You?

© Max Malatesta

Leica Camera is celebrating the grand opening of Leica Fotopark, the online platform where you can discover, exchange, organize and create! This series examines the photographers who are the first members of the Leica Fotopark community. Here they share their thoughts and impressions. Max Malatesta was born on May 22, 1970 in Rome, Italy. He [...]

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Leica. My Life – Max Malatesta

Taken by Max Malatesta with the Leica X1

Capturing movement in a picture is an insane paradox which most of us wouldn’t even try to crack. Not so for Max Malatesta. The 41-year-old actor takes on this challenge, relying on only one true companion: his Leica X1. Q: Max, first and foremost, tell us a bit about yourself and your job. A: Well, [...]

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