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Dominic Nahr and Tomás Munita: A Photographic Perspective on Fukushima

© Dominic Nahr

Following an earthquake in March 2011, disaster struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power in Japan plant forcing people to leave their homes when the area was declared an exclusion zone. Photographers Dominic Nahr (DN) and Tomás Munita (TM) traveled to the area for a reportage on the current situation there. Below is a sample of [...]

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Peter Dammann: Boxing As A Metaphor For Life

© Peter Demmann

Peter Dammann is a passionate photojournalist who has traveled the world to create unflinchingly honest documents of the lives of people living under challenging circumstances. His socially committed reportage resulting from his frequent cooperation with relief agencies and other NGOs has earned him an international reputation. After completing his photographic essays on the living conditions [...]

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Maro Kouri: The Rise of the Golden Dawn Party

© Maro Kouri

Maro Kouri was born in Sparta, Greece. She grew up in central Athens and is based there living and working as a freelance photojournalist traveling mostly in Africa and Asia. She also teaches photography as a volunteer to the imprisoned women of Greek Prison of Elaiona, in collaboration with the Hellenic Center KETHEA, and its [...]

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Sven Zellner: Reportage on the Mongolian Upper Class

© Sven Zellner

Sven Zellner has been a freelance photographer since 2010 after he graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich in cinematography. His photos have appeared in GEO, Terra Mater, ZEIT Leo, FAS and BBC Wildlife Magazine. He is represented by the agency FOCUS. In the past, he has documented the Great Mongolian Gold Rush and the [...]

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Jason Andrew: Black Diamonds

© Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew is an American photojournalist who began his career as an elementary teacher before becoming a full-time, professional photographer in 2006. His clients include The Wall Street Journal, FT Weekend Magazine, and The New Yorker. Jason was also a finalist for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 2012. His project entitled “Black Diamonds” on [...]

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Kosuke Okahara: Documenting Daily Life in Countries that Don’t Exist

© Kosuke Okahara

Kosuke Okahara’s passion is capturing the day-to-day experiences of everyday life in isolated places, and he does so with tenderness and without judgment using a pair of Leica M7 cameras. Born in 1980, Okahara grew up in Tokyo and started his career as a photographer after college, where he studied education. Now living in France, [...]

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Antonia Zennaro: Libya’s Deserted Borders

© Antonia Zennaro

Antonia Zennaro, born in 1980, is an Italian photographer, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She is a freelance photographer who, next to her commissioned works for magazines and newspapers, is dedicated to long-term projects on social issues and creating social documents. Her book “Reeperbahn” was published in 2013. Antonia Zennaro is represented by Zeitenspiegel Agency [...]

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Ilja C. Hendel: Crime and Penance on Bastøy

© Ilja C. Hendel

Ilja C. Hendel was born in Frankfurt / Main, Germany in 1971. He began his career in photography in 1997 doing reportage and portraiture for a regional newspaper in southern Germany. He also has experience as a picture editor for the German nationwide newspaper die tageszeitung. In 2006 he moved from Germany to the Norwegian [...]

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Angelos Tzortzinis: Exposing the Prostitution and Drug Crisis in Athens

© Angelos Tzortzinis

Angelos Tzortzinis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1984. He studied at the Leica Academy of Creative Photography and is a freelance professional photographer. For the past five years, he has worked on the immigration issue in Greece and is now documenting the effects of the financial crisis on Greek society. He has carried out [...]

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David Rojkowski: LFI App Version 2.0.1 Released

LFI-Magazin [EN-1]

Leica Fotografie International (LFI) recently released version 2.0.1 of their app for iOS devices. The app can be downloaded in iTunes in either English or German. We spoke with David Rojkowski, News Editor at LFI in Hamburg, to learn what users can expect from the update. Q: A 2.0.1 version of the LFI app was [...]

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Carlos Javier Ortiz: Too Young To Die

© Carlos Javier Ortiz

Carlos Javier Ortiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Chicago. As a teenager, his love of photography led him to work at a traveling carnival to save money for photography equipment and college tuition. Carlos Javier has focused on documenting society’s most vulnerable communities across the United States, Mexico and Guatemala. Carlos Javier [...]

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Philipp Spalek: The Crisis in Cairo

© Philipp Spalek

Philipp Spalek, born in 1984, grew up in Berlin and Damascus. He learned to speak fluent Arabic while working as a press photographer for the Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Shorouk in Cairo. After obtaining a Master of Arts in Modern History and Middle Eastern Studies, he became a full-time photographer and editor. Over the last year [...]

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Christian Werner: Mental Illness in Bali

© Christian Werner

Christian Werner, born in 1987, is a freelance photographer based in Nordstemmen, Germany. As a teenager he developed his interest in photography while traveling to foreign countries. In 2009, he began studying photojournalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. Christian’s award-winning work has been featured in exhibitions throughout Germany and in Spain for [...]

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Kai Löffelbein: A Hidden World in Hong Kong

© Kai Löffelbein

Kai Löffelbein, born in 1981, is a German photographer who currently resides in Hannover and Berlin. He studied political science at Philipps-Universität Marburg and Freie Universität Berlin and photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover. His work, which shows the effects of socio-political and economic processes on common people, has [...]

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Benjamin Hiller: Shedding Light on the Conflict in East Syria

© Benjamin Hiller

Benjamin Hiller was born in 1982 into a German-American family. He began to engage himself with journalism, culture and photography early on. After several semesters of studying anthropology in Heidelberg (with emphasis on ritual dynamics and visual anthropology) and a classical trade school training in photography, he began an independent career as a freelance photojournalist [...]

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