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Leica. My Life – Alexander George

Alexander George

The latest video in the “Leica. My Life” series features Alexander George, a customer service representative at Leica Camera AG. Alexander repairs cameras and replaces parts for customers – a very precise job. When he’s off the clock, Alexander is often found Thai boxing.  He has figured out a way to combine his love for Thai boxing and [...]

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Leica. My Life – Iskander Abdulkarim

Iskander Abdulkarim

      In the latest “Leica. My Life” series, meet Iskandar Abdulkarim. By day a development engineer at Leica Camera AG, Iskander enjoys driving his Audi TTS Coupé by the countryside on the German autobahns in his free time. In the video, Iskander explains why perfectionism is so important, not only to him and the [...]

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