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Fishing at the Golden Horn, Istanbul

Istanbul Series by Markus Maschik

One of my recent business trips led me to the storied city Istanbul, the jewel of Turkey and Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2010. When visiting exotic places of great historical interest like Istanbul, I usually plan to stay a little longer to devote some extra time to walking around and exploring. Although this was [...]

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Photographer’s Journal: 5 Whirlwind Days of Photo Documentation in Jordan

“Eight” Pillars of Wisdom, Jerash - Leica M6, 15mm VC

Just over a week ago I spent 5 incredibly hectic days in Jordan. Actually “hectic” is an understatement for the level of intensity we experienced. I was shooting a food documentary called World Café Middle East and we had to hit the ground running! As soon as I, and Martin Evanson (the soundman) had touched [...]

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