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David English: Shadow Boxing

Parallel Worlds © David English

I love classic black-and-white films. They can provide both creative inspiration and practical techniques for using an M Monochrom camera. Case in point are the Hollywood film noirs from roughly 1946 to 1958. Some of the more visually interesting ones use hard-edged shadows and large areas of darkness to emphasize the film’s characters or to [...]

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A Decisive Moment in Paris: Leica Camera & Magnum Photos

Leica Magnum Event © Anaïd de Dieuleveult

On Tuesday, June 21, Leica Camera and Magnum Photos gathered distinguished guests at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. The event began with a panel discussion entitled “Crises and catastrophes in pictures. What justifiable role can photojournalism play in an age of camera phones, Twitter and Facebook?” Moderated by Samuel Kirszenbaum. The panel included [...]

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