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Sonja Gutschera + Leif Osthoff: A Photographer Duo

Taken by Sonja Gutschera and Leif Osthoff

In 2007, Sonja Gutschera and Leif Osthoff entered into a freelance cooperation in Berlin. At that time, Leif worked as a self-employed photographer, cameraman and electrician, while Sonja’s focussed on art direction and photography. Since they have relocated to Berlin in spring 2009, both have been working exclusively as a duo in the beauty and advertisement [...]

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Chiun-Kai Shih: Focused on Fashion

Chiun-Kai Shih

Chiun-Kai Shih’s discovery and love of photography is synonymous with his journey to America. After buying his first point-and-shoot camera during a layover on flight from Taiwan to America, he began using the camera to document daily life in America for his father and other family members who remained in Taiwan. Following his passion to [...]

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