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Tobias Schult: The Main Attraction


I have been shooting people photography for the past ten years, 11 to be precise. Recently, I have been hired more and more often to shoot editorial portraits of actors. Armin Rohde has been on my wish list for quite some time and I was happy when his agent called to tell me that he [...]

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Morgan Miller: Her Story

© Morgan Miller

Her Story Tight, uncomfortable, constricting luxury clothes a married couple. The power of wealth confines a women as she sits like stone, bored next to her older powerful partner. Across the room she glimpses a man. Fantasy & desire overcome her. The stranger & the heroine embrace passion & a fierce lust as they travel around [...]

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HG Esch: A 360 Degree View of Shanghai

© HG Esch

HG Esch was born 1964 in Neuwied, Germany and completed classic photo training. Since 1989 he has worked as a freelance architectural photographer for national and international architecture offices and is now one of the most renowned in his field. In addition to commissioned works, he has freelance artistic work, in which he opens his [...]

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Jakob de Boer: Hunter of Moments and Masters of the Trade

Tadashi Enami, © Jakob de Boer

Jakob de Boer has spent most of his professional life as a television director and producer, with well over 100 episodes and a number of memorable commercials to his credit. Born and educated in Toronto, Canada into a family that produced globally syndicated television, he spent his childhood traveling the world, went on to study [...]

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Scott Tansey: A Profoundly Panoramic Vision of the World Part 2

© Scott Tansey

For over 40 years, Scott Tansey has been taking photos. Also a practicing lawyer, Scott is starting to re-emerge as a professional photographer and has begun sharing his work with the public once again. Using the Leica S-System, he prefers to shoot panoramically. You can read about Scott’s beginnings in photography in part one of [...]

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Scott Tansey: A Profoundly Panoramic Vision of the World, Part 1

© Scott Tansey

Perhaps the best way to understand who Scott Tansey is and how he sees his mission is to let him speak for himself: “I am driven to make photographs. Even when I’m with other photographers, I’m up earlier to chase the great light, spend more time seeking out great images, and often finish later, well [...]

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Jonas Lindström: Understanding the Broader Context

Ludwig Trepte © Jonas Lindström

Jonas Lindström, born in 1988, is a young, up-and-coming fashion and portraiture photographer. He splits his time between Berlin and London. Jonas has worked with publications and clients such as Rolling Stone, Interview Magazine, Nike Sportswear, Nokia and Wallpaper* Magazine. He is currently finishing up his studies in graphic design at Berlin University of the [...]

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Claes Axstål: The Flash Master

© Claes Axstål

He perfected the art of capturing extreme action with high-powered, custom-built flash rigs and he did it all on his own! Claes Axstål of Gothenburg, Sweden is a successful self-taught professional advertising photographer. He developed his own amazing Airborne Flash Photography system that he uses to capture hyper-realistic images of aircrafts, boats and automobiles at [...]

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Tobias Schult: Commercial Photography with a Touch of Irony


Although he “didn’t touch a camera seriously until the age of around 20,” Tobias Schult has certainly made up for any lost time by becoming a successful and sought-after commercial photographer. Schult’s epiphany came in 2001 when he spent six months in the U.S. assisting his cousin, a professional photographer, and realized that he wanted [...]

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Peter Heck: A Passion for People and the Leica Fingerprint

© Peter Heck

Peter Heck is a successful commercial and advertising photographer and videographer who works worldwide and in several genres “mostly as a people photographer.” Heck has a disdain for following the rules and a commitment to capturing natural looking images of people. He’s executed assignments for many prestigious international clients including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Blauer USA and [...]

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York Hovest: Telling Stories Through Sensual Art

© York Hovest

A young, thoughtful, intuitive, and open-minded photographer, York Hovest was a professional model for more than a decade, and that provided many insights and experiences that led him to pursue a career on the other side of the camera. After assisting several well-known photographers in Milan and Munich at the end of 2009 he decided [...]

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Stephan Breuer: Futur Absolu Exhibition

© Stephan Breuer / Flying

Stephan Breuer is a French artist who works with innovative technologies used in scientific research and architecture. He leads Flying Concepts, an immaterial entity meant to intensify one’s visionary and sensory perceptions. His latest exhibition entitled “Futur Absolu” is currently on display until April 1, 2013 at the Palais Imperial de Compiegne. Prism Atemporal is [...]

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Wayne Johns: Creating Stunning Shots From Hairstyles

© Wayne Johns

Wayne is a Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Advertising Photographer who carries out commissions worldwide. He has had recent exhibitions in the Hoover Skyer Gallery in Krakow and Warsaw; as well as another at the Athens Video & Arts Festival. Nominated as a finalist in the ‘Professional Photographer of the year’ Awards, he was the only photographer, [...]

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Nick Rains: Faces in the Forest – Papua New Guinea

Young Warrior © Nick Rains

My work for Orion Expeditions takes me to some genuinely exotic parts of the world. My last Leica Blog post about Eastern Russia is a good example of that.  Back when I first started shooting with the S2 I was conducting a photography workshop on board the ship as part of a visit to Papua [...]

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Murat Aslan: Faces That Speak For Themselves


This young German photographer began by shooting pictures of his own graffiti on the run, evolved into covering the world of hip-hop musicians, quit his job at an ad agency in Düsseldorf to become a graphic designer in Berlin, and is now a full-time professional advertising photographer who’s been under contract to UPFRONT since 2011. [...]

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