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Scott Tansey: Intimate Portraits of the Inanimate

© Scott Tansey

Scott Tansey has been taking photos for over 40 years. In the mid 1980s, he was submitting panoramic images to a stock agency and his photos have been published in a wide range of media including Consumer Reports and Audubon Magazine. In the mid 1990s he switched careers and attended law school. Although he still [...]

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Joachim Baldauf: Beauty Looks 2015

© Joachim Baldauf

In a photo shoot with model Lena Gercke, Joachim Baldauf gave expression to his notion of Beauty Looks for 2015. Characteristic to his work, the Berlin photographer – whose emphasis lies on portrait and fashion – takes a very personal approach, with a distinctive sense for avant-garde styling. In an interview, Baldauf reveals why working [...]

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Jean-Jacques Ruchti: On Track

© Jean-Jaques Ruchti

Among other things, Swiss photographer Jean-Jacques Ruchti works for the Sauber Formula 1 Racing Team. He photographs with a Leica M8 and a Leica S2. In the above video, which was produced for Leica for photokina, you can see him working at the race track. Q: What made you decide to become a professional photographer? [...]

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Simon Emmett: A Varied Approach with the Leica S-System

© Simon Emmett

Simon Emmett was born in London in July 1969. From an early age, he was fascinated with the camera. After taking a short foundation course in photography, he eventually got his first full-time assisting position. He shot his first story for British Vogue in 1997. Although he initially focused on beauty photography, he became more [...]

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York Hovest: One Hundred Days in Tibet


As part of Leica Camera’s program of events at photokina, numerous lectures and book signings were held. Today, we take a look at York Hovest’s photography book “One Hundred Days in Tibet – The Promise,” which he spoke about on the last day of photokina. Previously, we have featured his fashion work on the blog. York [...]

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Jay Tyrrell: Atomic Mirrors, A Conceptual Art Exploration of Aloneness

© Jay Tyrrell

A fine art photographer who has also produced award-winning photojournalistic coverage of war, protest and conflict, Jay Tyrrell is a retired stock trader who has pursued his passion for photography intensively over the last two decades. In his latest project, Atomic Mirrors, he explores the universal and cosmic sense of aloneness in the universe in [...]

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Amedeo Turello: A Natural Way of Seeing with the Leica S-System

© Amedeo Turello

Born and raised in Italy, Amedeo M. Turello studied architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. He has been a consultant for various high-level international luxury brands as well as a freelance art director for luxury editorial projects and has dedicated himself to fashion photography since 1999. His involvement with photography grew from a natural love of [...]

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Jo Michael de Figueiredo: Blind Spots – a Study in Mechanism of Light

© Jo Michael de Figueiredo

“Blind Spots” is a series of photographs of objects that have an industrial past, but no longer an obvious purpose. It is a study of how these objects get penetrated by an exact sidelight, leaving behind a landscape of shadows, as distorted traces of matter. Things are more or less opaque and their shadows are [...]

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Scott Morvay: Exploring the Synergy Between the Creative and Technical

© Scott Morvay

Scott Morvay is originally from New Jersey and now lives in Florida. He graduated from Temple University where he studied broadcasting. After college, he started his own production company and has worked with TV networks, corporate clients and voice talent all around the world. He now works as an international fashion photographer and spends his [...]

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Max Hirshfeld: Shining a Light on the Arts with the Leica S-System

Olvia Demetriou © Max Hirshfeld

Max Hirshfeld is recognized as a master at revealing the warmth and humanity of his subjects. Hirshfeld was born in North Carolina in 1951 and grew up in Decatur, Alabama. He moved to Washington, DC to study photography at George Washington University, graduating in 1973. Hirshfeld’s editorial work has been published in GQ, The New [...]

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EJ Camp: The Prowess of the Imagination

Saltaire II,  © EJ Camp

“I love the sea. It changes moment to moment and I never tire of its fusion of light, movement and complexity. The sea is like a face; it has many expressions.” EJ Camp’s passion for the way light reflects off the changing surfaces of the ocean has directly evolved from a career spent capturing the [...]

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Tom Stoddart: Recreating The Battlefield In The Studio For A Cause

Tom Stoddart in Sarajevo

A classic photojournalist leverages his harrowing field experience to create a compelling poster campaign for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). An internationally acclaimed award-winning photojournalist who began shooting for his local newspaper in North East England 43 years ago, Tom Stoddart moved to London in 1978 where he worked extensively for the [...]

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Markus Berger: The Fine Art of Commercial Sports Photography

© Markus Berger

Markus Berger grew up in what he describes as “a classic average Austrian family in Salzburg” with a father who worked as a lawyer and his mother having worked in sales. Growing up he spent time in his father’s workstation at home painting and building alongside him. Although he was an independent and thoughtful child, [...]

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Ben Fink: The Fine Art of Food Photography

© Ben Fink

Ben Fink was born in Maryland and spent his early there before moving to Memphis. “I was very young when both my parents died, one to cancer, and one violently,” he recalls. “This influenced me and made deep impressions on my psyche, which can be seen in much of my work today. Currently I reside [...]

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Tobias Schult: The Main Attraction


I have been shooting people photography for the past ten years, 11 to be precise. Recently, I have been hired more and more often to shoot editorial portraits of actors. Armin Rohde has been on my wish list for quite some time and I was happy when his agent called to tell me that he [...]

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