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John Sypal: Discovering the Nature of Photographs

© John Sypal

John Sypal shares, “In the most literal sense I feed, shelter and clothe myself through a job that is not involved with photography, so my name would go under the serious enthusiast column. While physical nourishment is kept up through a 9 to 5 job, a great deal of a different kind of hunger is [...]

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Gael Turine: Voodoo

Voodoo; Taken in the USA by Gael Turine

Growing up with radio and film documentary makers as parents, Gael Turine witnessed first-hand the economic difficulty of such a lifestyle. He began his studies in Political Science to avoid following in his parents’ footsteps, but his desire to become a photojournalist became too great for Gael to ignore. He quickly switched to a three-year degree program [...]

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Craig Semetko: Capturing the Authentic Human Experience, Part 1

Old Man & Statue

A classic street shooter in the great tradition, Craig Semetko uses his Leica cameras to capture images that transcend the moment. Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, Craig Semetko became a comedy writer and performer after college, inspired by his “very funny father” and his love for Peter Sellers, Richard Pryor, John Belushi and Bill [...]

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Chris Weeks On The Latest 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH

Caffienation by Chris Weeks

A leading pro uses Leica’s innovative new super-speed wide-angle lens on assignment and gives his candid impressions. Chris Weeks, a seasoned editorial and street photographer based in Los Angeles, is acclaimed for creating photographs that capture his subjects with unflinching honesty and disarming directness. His best pictures are imbued with the very same spirit that [...]

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Martin Hartley takes his MP to the Edge of the Earth

Taken with Leica MP by Martin Hartley copyright

Following a treacherous 60-day trek covering 483 miles, Arctic explorer and photographer, Martin Hartley, has reached the North Pole with colleagues Ann Daniels and Charlie Paton. Recording photographs that would be impossible to take on digital equipment in the harsh Arctic conditions, Martin has captured vital images using a specially-tested LEICA MP camera with LEICA [...]

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