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Sven Zellner: Reportage on the Mongolian Upper Class

© Sven Zellner

Sven Zellner has been a freelance photographer since 2010 after he graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich in cinematography. His photos have appeared in GEO, Terra Mater, ZEIT Leo, FAS and BBC Wildlife Magazine. He is represented by the agency FOCUS. In the past, he has documented the Great Mongolian Gold Rush and the [...]

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Laurie Rae Baxter: Staying Visually Connected

© Laurie Rae Baxter

Laurie Rae Baxter has spent her professional career as a professor of philosophy, and when not traveling, she divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the mountains of Colorado. Her juried work has been exhibited locally and nationally, and as part of group shows in Reykjavik, Iceland; Oaxaca, Mexico; and Santa Fe, [...]

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Natalie Kriwy: Project “30/09”

© Natalie Kriwy

In 2011 German-French photographer Natalie Kriwy received a devastating diagnosis: breast cancer. Rather than simple resignation, she approached her therapy head on, documenting her illness, her surroundings and her recovery. From the first chemotherapy to the final image after she went into remission, the series spans exactly two years – from 30.9.2011 to 30.9.2013. Kriwy [...]

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Joshua Zucker: Storytelling on the Streets of Los Angeles

© Joshua Zucker

Joshua Zucker is a 21-year-old, Los Angeles based photographer and videographer. Before graduating high school, Joshua won three national awards for his documentary film work. Since then, he has been employed full-time by Vans, Woodward Films, and Flip Skateboards. Along with documenting the top skateboarders in the industry, Joshua is also known for shooting street [...]

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Adam Marelli: Exploring the Craftmanship behind Venetian Boatyards

© Adam Marelli

New York City-based artist and photographer Adam Marelli explores the ancient crafts of building, maestros in their workshops, and designs handed down through generations. Whether he is photographing a master carpenter, dodging fish at a local market, or at the drafting table, he is in constant search of the threads which bind our cultures together. [...]

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HB Nam: Street Fashion Photography

© Hyun-Beom Nam

Street Fashion Photography is one of the most popular photo categories now in South Korea. HB Nam, known as Nam in the international fashion world, is one of the leading photographers in this field. He has worked with,, Vogue Japan and GQ Japan. Below, he shares his personal thoughts on photography. Q: Why [...]

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Antonia Zennaro: Libya’s Deserted Borders

© Antonia Zennaro

Antonia Zennaro, born in 1980, is an Italian photographer, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She is a freelance photographer who, next to her commissioned works for magazines and newspapers, is dedicated to long-term projects on social issues and creating social documents. Her book “Reeperbahn” was published in 2013. Antonia Zennaro is represented by Zeitenspiegel Agency [...]

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Stewart Atkins: Goodwood Revival, Part 2 – Surprise and Delight!

© Stewart Atkins

Stewart Atkins joined Bob Callway at Goodwood Revival and shares his thoughts on the event below. Read Goodwill Revival, Part 1 by Bob Callway here. There is something quintessentially British about Lord March’s annual ’40s, ’50s and ’60s period bash at his wonderful Goodwood country estate. Not only does it bring together a glorious collection [...]

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Bob Callway: Goodwood Revival, Part 1

The start of Freddie March Trophy, 2013, © Bob Callway

This is a guest post by Bob Callway, who has his own production company, Nilsfilm, which produces corporate promos and documentaries. Most, recently, he has been producing/directing for Aurora Media Worldwide. A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to deliver two films on the Goodwood Revival. Set on the edge of the South Downs in England, the [...]

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Russ Lamoureux: A Look at the Oscars

© Russ Lamoureux

Russ Lamoureux is an Emmy-winning director and IPA/Lucie Award-winning photographer interested in the power of images to tell stories. He credits the storytelling prowess of a wide range of artists — John Updike, Stephen Shore, Robert Altman, to name a few — as influential in his own work. Lamoureux has helmed commercials for some of the world’s most respected [...]

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Ram Shergill: Photography as a Performance Art

© Ram Shergill

Ram Shergill has come a long way since studying visual communications at Wolverhampton University where he worked on a photographic project with milliner Philip Treacy. Earlier in his career, he worked with many notable fashion designers who loved his work, especially Alexander McQueen. It was here where the foundations were laid for Shergill to become [...]

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Aaron C. Greenman: Lost in the Golden Horn

© Aaron C. Greenman

To the freshly arrived, Istanbul’s geography can be confusing – and, that being said, a most wonderful place to simply get lost. For those coming from the Far East, there seems to be few obvious aesthetic similarities; for those arriving from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, or India, each can pick out elements that [...]

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Angelos Tzortzinis: Exposing the Prostitution and Drug Crisis in Athens

© Angelos Tzortzinis

Angelos Tzortzinis was born in Athens, Greece, in 1984. He studied at the Leica Academy of Creative Photography and is a freelance professional photographer. For the past five years, he has worked on the immigration issue in Greece and is now documenting the effects of the financial crisis on Greek society. He has carried out [...]

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Michael Hintlian: Negotiating with Reality

© Michael Hintlian

Michael Hintlian is a full-time documentary photographer based in Boston and conducts workshops in Central America and India. He currently directs the Documentary Photography department at the New England School of Photography and is a Graduate Mentor at the Art Institute of Boston. Introduced to photography and Leica cameras through his father at a young [...]

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David English: Ethereal Shadows

Melaten Monument #2 (Leica M9, 50mm Summilux)

Sometimes you spend an entire day shooting photos and end up with just one or two images worth keeping. Other times, you spend only a few hours shooting and end up with so many outstanding images, it takes months to fully process them. So why the difference? It may need to be in an environment [...]

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