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The Rule of Life by Nils Thune

© Nils Thune

How you start your day affects the rest of it. It is barely past six this fine Tuesday morning. The sun is rising. Seven nuns and five monks are on their way into a half lit empty church. They are all dressed in white robes, leather sandals, bible and psalm book in their hands. On [...]

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Richard Jinman: A Look at English Life

Glyndebourne, © Richard Jinman

Born in London and raised in Chandler’s Ford in southern England, Richard Jinman studied English Literature and had a long and distinguished career as a print journalist in Australia and the UK before his early interest in photography was rekindled as a passion about six years ago. He’s currently working on a photo book documenting [...]

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Bruno Gracia: Exploring the Human Element in Morocco

© Bruno Gracia

Bruno Gracia was born and raised in Ronda, Spain where he remembers taking his grandfather’s and father’s cameras to go out and capture his town. He studied law and history before moving to London to explore photography. Now, he spends his time between Ronda and London where he is trying become a professional photographer. Below, [...]

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Pascal Meunier: Witnessing Intimate Spaces

© Pascal Meunier

Fascinated by what he calls “timeless bastions” – that is, historically-charged places where time nonetheless appears suspended – and after having long worked in the Arab Muslim countries, the Paris-based documentary photographer Pascal Meunier has turned his gaze to Thailand’s Wat Tham, or Buddhist cave temples, which he photographs without omitting the details of everyday [...]

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Natalie Nesser: A Day at the Beach

© Natalie Nesser

Natalie Nesser was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but has been living in the San Fransisco Bay Area for about 14 years. After high school, she had lots of starts and stops in the world from flight attendant to financial services, never feeling anything was the right fit, until deciding to explore her passion [...]

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Joel Aron: An Obsession for Perfection & a Passion for Portraits

© Joel Aron

A self-taught independent photographer and self-educated Visual Effects Supervisor for Lucasfilm, Joel Aron had worked for the iconic company for over two decades when he was unexpectedly called upon to cover what turned out to be the most gut-wrenching and intensely creative assignment of his life — shooting portraits of over 400 Lucasfilm staff who [...]

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Jack Ottaway: The Compassionate Enthusiast, Part 2

Pop, © Jack Ottaway

Jack Ottaway spends as much time as possible walking the neighborhoods of San Francisco interacting with and photographing the people who live there. In part two of our interview, Jack shares the inspiration behind his work and provides insight into his powerful series featuring the homeless of San Francisco. Q: Is there a photographer or type [...]

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Jack Ottaway: The Compassionate Enthusiast, Part 1

© Jack Ottaway

Jack Ottaway’s interest in photography began in his teens, fueled and influenced by the work of his late father Jack who, in his short 22-year life, created hundreds of images of life and landscapes in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s. These inspired him to create landscape images of his own in Yosemite National Park. [...]

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Claude Weber: Images As An Extension Of Human Relationships

Scott Stover © Claude Weber

An accomplished portrait and reportage photographer of the haute monde and a free spirit in the iconoclastic tradition, Claude Weber rejects the notion that he’s an artist or that his images are art, but insists that people, shared experiences, and human relationships are essential in creating compelling images. He made his debut as an assistant [...]

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Do-Hoon Kim: An Inspired Amateur’s Love Affair with Photography And Leica Camera

© Do-Hoon Kim

My name is Do-Hoon Kim. I was born in 1980 and I live in Korea. I work for a sports equipment importing business. I’m don’t really consider myself a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures and I do take commercial photographs for my company—they’re used in promoting the imported goods we sell. When I [...]

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Peter Turnley: Moments of the Human Condition, Part One

The Romanian Revolution. Bucharest, 1989. © Peter Turnley

“I have embraced photojournalism as a means to communicate, provoke, and inspire, as well as to document history. I have employed the camera as a voice, to shout out about injustice while affirming what is beautiful and good.” Peter Turnley is a renowned photojournalist who has, for more than four decades, created an enduring legacy [...]

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A Decisive Moment in Paris: Leica Camera & Magnum Photos

Leica Magnum Event © Anaïd de Dieuleveult

On Tuesday, June 21, Leica Camera and Magnum Photos gathered distinguished guests at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. The event began with a panel discussion entitled “Crises and catastrophes in pictures. What justifiable role can photojournalism play in an age of camera phones, Twitter and Facebook?” Moderated by Samuel Kirszenbaum. The panel included [...]

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