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Robert Turi: Combining Passion and Spontaneity, Part Two

Ryan Watson © Robert Turi

Robert Turi creates compelling photographs using an unlikely combination of an astute awareness of the emotional effects of lighting and style, and the technique of shooting spontaneously based on the images and feeling in his mind. He specializes in shooting fashion, swimwear, portraits, landscapes and automobiles, and in the course of his creative quest he [...]

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Kai Wiesinger: Wunderkinder

Wunderkinder © Kai Wiesinger

Kai Wiesinger, a German actor, inherited his love of photography from his father who worked as a reporter. During the filming of his latest movie “Wunderkinder”, which premiered on October 6th of this year, Kai worked on both sides of the camera, acting in the film and documenting the production from behind the lens of [...]

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Bourbon, BBQ and Baseball: A Journey Across America

Our car sitting under a painted American flag in Louisville, Kentucky

It was a dream I’d had for years: to travel across the United States stopping at bourbon distilleries and BBQ joints and watching minor league baseball. Although I’ve lived all over the world from Jakarta to Berlin, I had seen relatively little of my own country. And growing up in New York City I’d never [...]

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David English: Fun with Diagonals

Say Cheese; Taken with a Leica M8.2, 50mm Summilux by David English

Part of the wonder of taking photographs is discovering what kind of photographer you’ll become. Not that you should limit yourself, but inevitably you’ll be drawn to certain subjects, camera angles and lens choices. You also learn, when you show your photos to others, which kinds of photos strike a chord with other people. This [...]

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John Lou Miles, Faceless Japan: Shooting From the Hip in a Fishbowl

Tokyo in Color #1 © John Lou Miles

John Lou Miles lives just south of Los Angeles and currently works in TV, advertising and film as a consultant. A passionate Leica enthusiast poised between being a serious enthusiast and a pro, he wryly encapsulates his experience as “a life of misspent youth replaced by overachieving adulthood” and observes that “growing up in both [...]

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Dr. Ted Grant: A Canadian National Treasure

Doctor Heart Listening

Ted Grant is one of Canada’s most accomplished and prolific photojournalists with 280,000 images in the National Archives of Canada and another 100,000 images in the National Gallery of Canada’s Museum of Contemporary Photography. These images, which comprise the largest collection by an individual photographer in the history of Canada, were honored by the University [...]

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Kike Calvo: Discovering Himself Through Photography

© Kike Calvo

A Spaniard by birth, Kike (pronounced key-key) Calvo has developed his unique vision and signature style by means of direct experience in over 75 countries. Those who have conversed with him about his work describe him as “one of those rare people who are pure energy.” Calvo is a photographer who transcends genres. He has [...]

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Josh White: Outsider and Inhabitant

© Josh White

Josh White describes himself as a law student on extended vacation in Seoul. Throughout his journey in Korea, he is able to capture the fleeting moments of everyday lives of the inhabitants in a stark, realistic and profound way. Using his Leica M9, he is able to poetically juxtapose his subjects with their environment and [...]

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Andy Siddens: Temporary Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation I: Duck © Andy Siddens

I decided in my twenties that I would own a Leica by the time I was 40. I bought the M8, my first and only Leica, two years ago when I was 41. I slightly overshot. This camera is my constant companion as I strive towards a Degree in Photography with the Open College of [...]

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Damaso Reyes: Cuba

Master Cuban composer and pianist Chuco Valdez annotates a composition Arturo O'Farrill created just for this trip.

Damaso Reyes recently took his M8 to Cuba for the first time, documenting the musical journey of Grammy award-winning Cuban-American Jazz composer and pianist Arturo O’Farrill as he journeyed back to the island of his father’s birth. For Americans the very word conjures up a wide range of mixed emotions. As a photojournalist I had [...]

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“Miverina”: Rijasolo’s Photographic Return to Madagascar

A peasant at Ambositra country, July 2009. PORTFOLIO MIVERINA, BACK TO MADAGASCAR BY RIJASOLO

Rijasolo has been on Leica’s radar. He won first place in Leica Fotografie International’s “35mm Wide Angle” competition and also had a portfolio of his work published in the April 2010 issue of the magazine. His latest work, the highly personal, “Miverina” retraces six years of photographic tussling with the changing face of Madagascar, the [...]

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Brett: Leica M Photographer; Part 2

Piccadilly © BYBRETT

Articulate and thoughtful, he brings a street shooter’s sensibility to the demanding genre of wedding photography. He also teaches other Leica M users how to transcend their mind-set and get into “Leica think.” Rather than paraphrase his biography, let’s let Brett (who doesn’t use his last name) do it himself and then go on to [...]

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Brett, Leica M Photographer, Part 1

wedding  © BYBRETT

He brings a street shooter’s eye and lightning reflexes to the demanding genre of wedding photography and when he not shooting he’s teaching other Leica M users how to do it. Brett’s passion for photography started when he was given a plastic camera and darkroom kit at the tender age of five.  He recalls spending [...]

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Aaron C. Greenman: Finding the Beauty Under The Grime

By Aaron Greenman

A brilliant street photographer in the classic Leica M tradition, he favors prime lenses, black-and-white images, and approaches the world without preconceptions A passionate photo enthusiast since his teens, Aaron Greenman has always been fascinated with every aspect of newspaper journalism including writing, graphic design and layout. When he left his hometown, Miami, Florida, to [...]

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Carl Merkin: Leica Plus Facebook Made Him Famous

Found on by Carl Merkin

A successful New York commercial photographer for over 40 years and an inveterate Leica collector, Carl Merkin tapped into his creative core and fashioned a fulfilling second career by combining his love for Leicas with his enthusiasm for Facebook. The popular social networking site drew him out of obscurity and revealed him to be a [...]

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