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Laurent Hunziker: A Musician’s Ear and an Artist’s Eye

Landscape winning photo

This is Laurent Hunziker’s winning photo from the ‘Leica for AICR’ Landscape photo contest hosted on Leica’s page on Facebook. The photo is featured on Leica’s profile picture on Facebook this week as part of the efforts to raise awareness about AICR and the ‘Leica User Forum Book‘. Each week during July there is a different themed [...]

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Steve Unsworth: The Empathetic Enthusiast

Steve Unsworth

Steve Unsworth has been shooting pictures since his teens, but he didn’t really get serious about photography until he acquired his first Leica in the 1990s. A committed Leica enthusiast with considerable talent, he modestly describes himself as a “competent” photographer. “I take photographs for myself,” he explains, “and when others like what I do that’s [...]

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