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Marco del Pra’: An Obsessive Passion for Deceleration and Truth, Part 1

© Marco del Pra'

Marco del Pra’ is a compassionate and thoughtful photojournalist, deeply concerned about the state of the human condition and social justice. The images from his Morocco series shown here comprise a compelling document of a traditional culture in the midst of a traumatic transition. He was born in Italy in 1979, studied Photography in Milan, [...]

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Gabriele Lopez: Staying True to the Basics of Photography

gabriele lopez19122011-38

Garbriele Lopez is a photographer based out of Milan, Italy. He has been photographing for twenty years and has a wide variety of projects ranging from weddings to street photography. His passion for photography began at a very young age and he continues to pursue and develop his skills by teaching and attending workshops regularly. [...]

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Jon Humphries: Rolling Through The Shadows

© Jon Humphries

Mark Whiteley, skateboarder and Leica photographer, provides us with the next installment of his interview series “Rolling Through the Shadows.” This series takes a closer look at the seemingly unlikely collision of skateboarding and M photography from the perspective of the skaters and photographers themselves. Name: Jon Humphries Age: 38 Hometown: Portland, Oregon Shoots for: [...]

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K. Chae: Bringing “Fine Art Street Photography” to South Korea and Beyond

© K. Chae

K. Chae is South Korean photographer who travels the world to express what he sees with photography. He calls the photos he’s taken around the world “Pieces of Earth.” He studied photography in New York, and became a full time professional photographer when he settled back in Korea in 2011. In 2012, he opened an [...]

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Mathias Heng: An Enduring Passion And Commitment To Humanity

© Mathias Heng

Mathias Heng is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist who travels the globe with his Leica cameras, frequently covering regions and countries experiencing conflict, war, natural disasters, poverty, social issues, and human struggles. Much of his work is dispassionate in its unflinching directness, but also emotionally charged, a documentary narrative of conflicts and their effects on civilian [...]

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Elliott Erwitt: My Photographic Home

© Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is one of the most prestigious photographers in the world. His unique collection “Personal Best for Leica by Elliott Erwitt” contains 50 iconic images that have stirred many people. Photographs of Marilyn Monroe or Che Guevara, as well as pictures that show charming humor can be seen in all Leica Galleries worldwide. The [...]

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David Carol: Photographing the Absurdity of Life


David Carol was born in New York City. He attended the School of Visual Arts and The New School for Social Research where he studied under Lisette Model. He has been traveling and taking pictures for himself and others for over twenty-five years. The interview was conducted by Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe. Q: David Carol, how [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: Meet The Stans

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. Zvereff journeyed with a group of various skateboarders for the Meet The Stans video where the group traveled along the ancient Silk Road traversing China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. [...]

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David G. SPIELMAN: When Not Performing

Uncle Lionel Batiste © David G. SPIELMAN

David G. SPIELMAN recently released the book When Not Performing that tells the stories behind the music of seventy-one musicians.  The kind of stories that reveal more than what meets the eye or what we hear when they perform. The musicians chose where they wanted to be photographed adding another dimension to their story. Working singularly with [...]

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Michael Ernest Sweet: Attraction to the Human Fragment

Crazy Talk, New York City, NY, 2012 © Michael Ernest Sweet

Michael Ernest Sweet, born in 1979, is a Canadian educator, writer and street photographer. He is a national recipient of both the Prime Minister’s Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada for significant contributions to his country in the field of education and the arts. Michael’s first published collection of photography [...]

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Preedee Ponchevin: Documenting the 2012 Songkran Festival

© Preedee Ponchevin

Preedee Ponchevin was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979 and he still resides in his home city. He graduated from Kasetsart University in 2001 with degree in electrical engineering and went to work designing software systems. In 2009 he became interested in photography and began studying the medium. He has been shooting ever since and doesn’t think he [...]

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Vicky Wragg: Freeze-Framing Little Moments

© Vicky Wragg

Vicky Wragg, based in the United Kingdom, is a photography enthusiast with serious talent. She brings her images to life with colour and whimsy and is able to combine street photography and fine art into compelling images. Q: When did you first discover photography and become interested in it? A: My family has always had [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: Journals and Photographs of Uzbekistan

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. Prior to entering Uzbekistan I was bombarded with all sorts of horror stories including rampant bribery, theft and corruption at the border. Interestingly enough, entering the country was the easiest [...]

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Jeremy Choo: Expressing Enthusiasm, Emotion and Empathy

© Jeremy Choo

We were introduced to Jeremy Choo after he answered a question we put up on Facebook correctly about how many lens elements were in a jar; however, he never got the notification that he had won a free trip to our May 10 event in time to redeem the award. While he didn’t fly to [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: Journals and Photographs of Qualia

QUALIA by Daniel Zvereff

Traveling, for artist Daniel Zvereff, is the crux of inspiration. In 2006 he took a chance on Thailand, venturing solo at just 20 years old. Avoiding the ‘tourist itinerary’, he filled his days navigating the thick markets, talking to strangers, taking photos and beginning the first of his travel journals. Operating purely on mood, his [...]

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