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John Sypal: Discovering the Nature of Photographs

© John Sypal

John Sypal shares, “In the most literal sense I feed, shelter and clothe myself through a job that is not involved with photography, so my name would go under the serious enthusiast column. While physical nourishment is kept up through a 9 to 5 job, a great deal of a different kind of hunger is [...]

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Junku Nishimura: Street Shooting Set to Music

© Junku Nishimura

Junku Nishimura, a Tokyo-based street photographer, shoots with the Leica M5, or as he likes to describe it, he’s a “midnight boozer with Leica M5.” Junku has a distinctly retro style of shooting, which reflects his own reluctance to accept change and let go of his favorite worn in possessions. He is also a member [...]

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