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Dan Rubin: A Look Back in Time at the Goodwood Revival


Dan Rubin is a designer, photographer, and creative director based in London. Co-founder of both The Photographic Journal and webgraph, a design studio, and host of the Apple Event series “Meet The iPhone Photographer”, Dan speaks at conferences worldwide including An Event Apart, South by Southwest, UX London, and consults for startups and established brands around the world. Dan [...]

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HB Nam: A Look Into Documenting Street Fashion Photography

© HB Nam

HB Nam, known as Nam in the international fashion world, is one of the leading photographers in street fashion photography. He works with the likes of ELLE France, Grazia Italy, GQ Japan, Vogue Japan and We met with HB Nam for lunch at the end of 2014, just a few days before he left [...]

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Michael Fackelmann: Munich and Hamburg, A Declaration of Love

© Michael Fackelmann

Photographer Michael Fackelmann captured images of two major German cities 15 years after the end of the World War II. While still at school, Fackelmann began documenting life on the streets of his hometown, Hamburg. In order to complete his studies at photography school, he moved from the north to the south of Germany in [...]

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Claudio Majorana: U.S.A. 1957 – First Sicilian Mission To United States

The Sicilian Delegation, © Claudio Majorana

My name is Claudio Majorana. I’m a photographer and a medical student. Five years ago, as a birthday present from my father, I received a box of negatives that had been stored in the attic of our family country house for about 50 years. In my family there has always been a strong passion for photography, [...]

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Natalie Nesser: A Day at the Beach

© Natalie Nesser

Natalie Nesser was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but has been living in the San Fransisco Bay Area for about 14 years. After high school, she had lots of starts and stops in the world from flight attendant to financial services, never feeling anything was the right fit, until deciding to explore her passion [...]

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Kenneth Reitz: Exploring the Material World in an Electronic Universe


Kenneth Reitz, was born in 1988 in Central Pennsylvania and currently lives in Winchester, Virginia. He describes himself as a “wandering street photographer, idealist, and moral fallibilist.” By trade, he spends his days as a software developer writing code and he’s well-known in the Python language community. He experimented with photography in high school, although [...]

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Carl Merkin: The Leica M2 and Advertising

© Carl Merkin

The sixth season premiere of “Mad Men” included an unexpected treat for Leicaphiles and for Leica Camera USA. This was not a case of product placement, just an idea from the writers of “Mad Men.” The Leica M2 played an interesting part in the plot. If, like me, you’re not a regular viewer, I’ll explain. [...]

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Robbie Bedell: A Humanist “Daunted By Reality,” Part 2

The Argument, © Robbie Bedell

His magnificent obsession: exploring the human experience with compassion, dispassion and ironic empathy. Robbie Bedell takes photographs for the best of all possible reasons—he lives, breathes, and dreams photography, takes pictures practically every day, and is driven to record the human drama from a humanist perspective. An old school traditionalist, he shoots with a classic [...]

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Alastair Baglee: Cyclist, Photographer, Blogger

© Alastair Baglee

Alastair Baglee had a bumpy start to his life with professional photography. In the early 1990s, he was hired by a regional news service in the north of England as a press photographer. On his first day at work, he was asked to rush down to the local county court where a suspected murderer had [...]

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Gary Wang: Rangefinder Singapore

© Gary Wang

Gary Wang is a street photographer based in Singapore and is well regarded for his work shot on his Leica camera and super-wide 21mm lens. He is the founding member & head of Rangefinder Singapore, a community dedicated to further knowledge of photography and rangefinder cameras. He has also been recently nominated to the 2011 [...]

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