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Jean-Christian Rostagni: Romance in Paris

© Jean-Christian Rostagni

Q: Could you tell us a little bit of the story behind this photo? Where were you? A: This was in Paris in March 1991 at La Palette, one of my favorite cafés in Paris, rue de Seine, in the “Beaux Arts district.” The place is very reminiscent of the ’20s, and a good nose [...]

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Giles Penfound: The People at Jodhpur Junction

© Giles Penfound

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1965, Giles Penfound moved to the UK in 1974 with his family. He joined the British army at the age of 20 as an infantry soldier in the Royal Green Jackets. Once he left the infantry, he spent the rest his army career as a professional photographer working the majority of [...]

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Joseph Rodriguez: A Look Inside Romania

© Joseph Rodriguez

Following the December Revolution in Romania in 1989, documentary photographer Joseph Rodriguez, from Brooklyn, travelled four times to the traumatized country. He produced incredibly haunting images that shone a spotlight on a country that was just beginning to shake off decades of communist dictatorship. The pictures also reflect the suffering and suppression experienced by the [...]

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Nicholas Dominic Talvola: Expressing Vision with Music and Photography

1© Nicholas Dominic Talvola

Nicholas Dominic Talvola was born in 1982 in Arcata, a small town off the Northern Coast of California. In 2002, he traveled to Europe with a backpack, camera, soccer ball and a trumpet. He ended up in Spain where he has lived for the past 12 years. For six years, he has made a living [...]

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Carl Merkin: The Leica M2 and Advertising

© Carl Merkin

The sixth season premiere of “Mad Men” included an unexpected treat for Leicaphiles and for Leica Camera USA. This was not a case of product placement, just an idea from the writers of “Mad Men.” The Leica M2 played an interesting part in the plot. If, like me, you’re not a regular viewer, I’ll explain. [...]

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Domenico Foschi: Los Angeles, Mon Amour

© Domenico Foschi, Los Angeles Art district

Domenico Foschi was born in Italy and later moved to Los Angeles where he has dedicated himself to photography. His work has received numerous awards and been published in magazines such as View Camera and B&W Magazine. His work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and at galleries in [...]

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Robbie Bedell: A Humanist “Daunted By Reality,” Part 2

The Argument, © Robbie Bedell

His magnificent obsession: exploring the human experience with compassion, dispassion and ironic empathy. Robbie Bedell takes photographs for the best of all possible reasons—he lives, breathes, and dreams photography, takes pictures practically every day, and is driven to record the human drama from a humanist perspective. An old school traditionalist, he shoots with a classic [...]

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f/Egor: Terrible Parables

The Stadivarius and the Punk Rocker © grEGORy simpson

One day, I realized that photo blogs are never written as parables. On the second day, I wrote a pair of parables. On the third day, I read my parables and realized why photo blogs are never written as parables. On the fourth day, I published them anyway… – — – The Mermaid and the [...]

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David Burrows: Photography as an End in Itself

© David Burrows

Born and raised in New York, David Burrows left a distinguished career as a college English professor to pursue his passion for Photography in 1979. Since then he has lived in France and India, more recently in Japan and China and is currently based in Panajachel, Guatemala. After working for decades with a Leica M2, [...]

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Joel Meyerowitz: Icon with a Leica

© Joel Meyerowitz

An award-winning street photographer who has been creating memorable images in the great photojournalistic tradition since 1962, Joel Meyerowitz pioneered the use of color in this slice of life genre, and his classic book on Cape Cod, “Cape Light” was instrumental in changing the prevailing dismissive attitudes toward color photography. An inveterate Leica shooter, he [...]

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Gary Wang: Rangefinder Singapore

© Gary Wang

Gary Wang is a street photographer based in Singapore and is well regarded for his work shot on his Leica camera and super-wide 21mm lens. He is the founding member & head of Rangefinder Singapore, a community dedicated to further knowledge of photography and rangefinder cameras. He has also been recently nominated to the 2011 [...]

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f/Egor: Lobotomy, Please!


It began so innocently. These things often do. With my Leica M2 in hand, I was walking the street and scrutinizing the ordinary life that ebbed and flowed ahead of my purposeful gate. Many of these excursions are unremarkable, but every so often the sky parts and an improbable cluster of events intersect into a [...]

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Aminah Yusuf: There’s Always Something Playing

Yusuf Caversham

Yusuf, formerly known as Cat Stevens, is one of the legends in music. He wrote songs such as “Father and Son”, “Wild World” or “Morning has Broken”. Currently Yusuf is back on stage; he started his European Tour 2011 earlier this month. Aminah, his daughter, is a professional photographer and Leica happens to be her [...]

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f/Egor: Masochism? Anachronism!

Bouffant, 2011 - Leica M2 & Tri-X

Last week I was strolling home along Granville Street, my guard down and my mind wandering, when something tickled my photographic subconsciousness. Experience has taught me to trust the tickle. Things happen fast on the streets. “Shoot first, comprehend later.” That’s my motto. I fired off a shot just as the tickle began to coagulate [...]

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Not For Sale: Leica IIIc, 3 Lenses, Manual Included

Augusts Upitis holds son Alvis coming into NY Harbor on June 25, 1950 after a nine day freighter crossing from Germany.

My father’s dream was not to become a PPA Master Photographer. Augusts Upitis’ fantasy was to be an actor and his life turned out to have as much drama as if it had been written for the theater. Although his two brothers were photographers, he became a nurseryman and landowner growing produce and flowers to [...]

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