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Jakob de Boer: Hunter of Moments and Masters of the Trade

Tadashi Enami, © Jakob de Boer

Jakob de Boer has spent most of his professional life as a television director and producer, with well over 100 episodes and a number of memorable commercials to his credit. Born and educated in Toronto, Canada into a family that produced globally syndicated television, he spent his childhood traveling the world, went on to study [...]

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Marcel Pedragosa: The Abstract Expressionism of Everyday Life, Part 1

© Marcel Pedragosa

As a photographer and artist Marcel Pedragosa presents reality from a distinctly personal point of view, exploring the relationship between people and their direct environments. He has captured images in varied settings around the world, though he is most drawn to urban environments. Pedragosa was born in Barcelona in 1978. In 2011 he moved to [...]

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Michael Semaan: Going Pro Just For The Love Of It

© Michael Semaan

A little over a year ago Michael Semaan gave up a lucrative position as a Sales Representative in the surgical device industry to pursue his lifelong passion for photography. He’s now a full-time professional photographer with a promising career ahead of him and he has no regrets. As he says, “I’m passionate about what I’m [...]

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Philipp Spalek: The Crisis in Cairo

© Philipp Spalek

Philipp Spalek, born in 1984, grew up in Berlin and Damascus. He learned to speak fluent Arabic while working as a press photographer for the Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Shorouk in Cairo. After obtaining a Master of Arts in Modern History and Middle Eastern Studies, he became a full-time photographer and editor. Over the last year [...]

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Christian Werner: Mental Illness in Bali

© Christian Werner

Christian Werner, born in 1987, is a freelance photographer based in Nordstemmen, Germany. As a teenager he developed his interest in photography while traveling to foreign countries. In 2009, he began studying photojournalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. Christian’s award-winning work has been featured in exhibitions throughout Germany and in Spain for [...]

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David English: Infrared Monochrom

© David English, Harrah's Sign (Leica M Monochrom, 24 mm Summilux)

The M Monochrom would seem to be a poor choice for infrared (IR) photography. Leica’s spectral sensitivity charts show that very little of the infrared would actually reach the sensor. So why bother? It turns out there’s another side to the story. The camera’s high-ISO capabilities could help maximize the infrared that does get through. [...]

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Gary Copeland: On Shooting Just For Myself

© Gary Copeland

A talented commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, Gary Copeland’s specialty is covering the contemporary music scene. This includes on-stage performances, individual performers, the backstage world of musicians, and events like the South by Southwest Music Festival. As a pro, his primary objective is creating advertising images for lifestyle clients and recording companies such as [...]

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Carl Merkin: The Leica M2 and Advertising

© Carl Merkin

The sixth season premiere of “Mad Men” included an unexpected treat for Leicaphiles and for Leica Camera USA. This was not a case of product placement, just an idea from the writers of “Mad Men.” The Leica M2 played an interesting part in the plot. If, like me, you’re not a regular viewer, I’ll explain. [...]

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Jeff Johnson: Rebel with a Cause

© Jeff Johnson

Authenticity is what Jeff Johnson is all about. He walks the walk, talks the talk, takes great pictures, and tells the true stories of real-life adventurers, risk takers and dedicated champions of our fragile environment. He grew up as a skateboarder in landlocked Danville, California, moved to Hawaii after graduating from high school and lived [...]

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Rolling Through The Shadows: Mark Whiteley

© Mark Whiteley

In the next part of “Rolling Through the Shadows,” we turn the questions around to find out more about Mark Whiteley, the man behind the series. “Rolling Through the Shadows” takes a closer look at the seemingly unlikely collision of skateboarding and M photography from the perspective of the skaters and photographers themselves. Name: Mark [...]

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James B. Martin: Borderlands

© James B. Martin

James B. Martin ventured into the hills of Northeast India to document the last days of fading cultures. “They say he’s 100 years old and took two heads.” The wizened old man before me seems utterly nonthreatening as he struggles to don his warrior garb. Finally, adorned with tusks, he gazes up at me with amusement, the [...]

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Ruediger Glatz: Protesters in Istanbul

© Ruediger Glatz

Ruediger Glatz, born and currently residing in Heidelberg, Germany, is a portrait and documentary photographer, and sees photography as a tool of expression that goes beyond his commercial work. His photographs have been featured in exhibitions and solo shows in the United States and throughout Europe. “Photography is my passion, obsession and addiction,” he explains [...]

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Kelsey Fain: An Intimate Experience with India

© Kelsey Fain

Kelsey Fain grew up in East Greenville, Pennsylvania where her passion for photography began at the tender age of twelve. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography from Drexel University’s (Philadelphia, PA) College of Media Arts and Design in 2008. She then moved to New York City and managed a fine-art photographer and [...]

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Maggie Steber: Seeing Past the Veil, Part 2

© Maggie Steber, Breakfast in Bed

Maggie Steber is an acclaimed documentary photographer who has been honored with numerous awards for her humanistic stories of people and cultures in crisis in 63 countries. Her series “Rite of Passage,” a heartfelt documentary on her mother’s long descent into dementia, is currently on view through June 1 as part of the “Presence and [...]

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Domenico Foschi: Los Angeles, Mon Amour

© Domenico Foschi, Los Angeles Art district

Domenico Foschi was born in Italy and later moved to Los Angeles where he has dedicated himself to photography. His work has received numerous awards and been published in magazines such as View Camera and B&W Magazine. His work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and at galleries in [...]

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