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Claudio Majorana: U.S.A. 1957 – First Sicilian Mission To United States

The Sicilian Delegation, © Claudio Majorana

My name is Claudio Majorana. I’m a photographer and a medical student. Five years ago, as a birthday present from my father, I received a box of negatives that had been stored in the attic of our family country house for about 50 years. In my family there has always been a strong passion for photography, [...]

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f/Egor: The 8% Solution

Vansterdam © grEGORy simpson

70%. Back in my University days, this was the percentage of test problems that I and my fellow engineering students needed to solve correctly in order to pass a class. For those subjects with which I had an affinity (like Hybrid Microelectronics or Analog Filter Design), the 70% rate wasn’t overly onerous. But subjects such [...]

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Not For Sale: Leica IIIc, 3 Lenses, Manual Included

Augusts Upitis holds son Alvis coming into NY Harbor on June 25, 1950 after a nine day freighter crossing from Germany.

My father’s dream was not to become a PPA Master Photographer. Augusts Upitis’ fantasy was to be an actor and his life turned out to have as much drama as if it had been written for the theater. Although his two brothers were photographers, he became a nurseryman and landowner growing produce and flowers to [...]

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