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Ed Templeton: A Professional Skateboarder Turns Artist

Grif Gets Shaved - Miami © Ed Templeton

“Hi, my name is Ed Templeton. I’m from Huntington Beach, California, and depending on what hat I’m wearing, I’m a skateboarder, an artist or a businessman.” That’s as succinct and accurate a self-description as one can possibly imagine, and it captures Ed Templeton’s freewheeling spirit to a T. Edward (Ed) Templeton started skateboarding seriously in [...]

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Mr. Hoveeto: Pushing Beauty Out of Chaos

Mr. Hoveeto

Join Parisian photographer, Mr. Hoveeto, as he takes us on a walk through the streets of Paris with the new Leica X2. His photography style is that of an observer: he watches people and catches moments through his lens. Mr. Hoveeto wasn’t always a photographer, though. Only after the birth of his children did photography became a [...]

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Jean-Louis Dumas’ Photographic Gaze, by his daughter, Sandrine Dumas-Brekke

© Jean-Louis Dumas

One of the great passions of Jean-Louis Dumas, CEO and Artistic Director of Hermès for almost thirty years from 1978 to 2006, was photography. A monographic work published by Steidl in 2008 (1), and an exhibition held at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris that same year (2), revealed his long-standing and abundant [...]

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