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Louis Foubare: Making Every Minute Count

© Louis Foubare

Louis Foubare was born in Tennessee during WWII. His first memories of using a camera come from his grandmother’s old Kodak rangefinder camera. During college, he broke his leg while training for the national skiing team and had to pursue other avenues so photography fit right into his life then. Louis worked in International Finance [...]

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David Lykes Keenan: Witnessing Life through Photography

© David Lykes Keenan

David Lykes Keenan’s story is one of reinvention, dedication and finding a voice in photography. After a successful career as a computer engineer and software designer, David rediscovered his long lost interest in photography at the age of 52 and began posting a Picture a Week project to his website. Seven and half years and [...]

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Mathias Heng: An Enduring Passion And Commitment To Humanity

© Mathias Heng

Mathias Heng is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist who travels the globe with his Leica cameras, frequently covering regions and countries experiencing conflict, war, natural disasters, poverty, social issues, and human struggles. Much of his work is dispassionate in its unflinching directness, but also emotionally charged, a documentary narrative of conflicts and their effects on civilian [...]

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Tom A. Smith: Behind The Scenes With Leica Akademie

Walking Tour Participants Check Out Their Leica Cameras

Tom A. Smith, the Manager for the Leica Akademie in North America, recently guided participants on a PhotoWalk in New York City featuring the Leica M-System and the Leica X2. He was kind enough to give us a few moments of his time to tell us more about what Leica Akademie has in store for [...]

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Manuel Uebler: Portraiture Of Sadhus and Spirituality

© Manuel Uebler

The true nature of Manuel Uebler’s evolving quest, both as a photographer and a human being, is a story told best by viewing his timeless images of residents of an old-people’s home, Sadhus, street kids and useful objects with a human connection. In our second interview with Manuel, we dove deeper into his series The [...]

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Thomas Brichta: 20 Years at Leica Camera, Part Two


Thomas Brichta was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After studying marketing and having a brief stint in the retail furniture business, he discovered his passion for photography in the late ‘70s. Having relocated to California, Tom worked as a rep for Argraph Photo Distributors and Tokina Optical before joining Leica Camera in 1992. This [...]

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Todd Korol: A Pro’s Pro, Part Two

Perpignan © Todd Korol

Todd Korol is a self-taught Canadian photographer who lives with his family in Calgary, Alberta, but has traveled the world on assignment for various corporate clients and international publications as well as trips solely for his own personal projects. We first interviewed Todd Korol in June about his career in photography, his family and his [...]

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Todd Korol: A Pro’s Pro, Part One

Tyson © Todd Korol

Todd Korol, a Canadian who lives with his family in Calgary, Alberta, has spent the last 20 years traversing the world with camera in hand on assignment for international publications including Time, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times and he has worked with corporate clients including Apple, Visa, Rolex and several other household names. [...]

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Quinton Gordon: The Fine Art of Documentary Reportage

© Quinton Gordon

“With the Leica M, I see images in my mind first … and then effortlessly place the camera in the desired position.” Quinton Gordon grew up in the Kawartha Lakes district northeast of Toronto, Canada, where, as a kid, he had lots of freedom to explore. His parents were both artists — his mom, a [...]

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