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Nasser Kalaji: Beyond Documenting the Arab Hip-Hop Movement

By Nasser Kalaji

Laith Majali and Nasser Kalaji are the creative forces behind Immortal, an enterprise devoted to documenting and supporting the Arab hip-hop movement through film and photography. They seek out projects that “deal with the realities of problems and issues in the Arab world,” a core theme expressed in Arab hip-hop music. They are doing much [...]

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An Incisive Eye On The Emerging Pan-Arab Hip-Hop Movement

Edge of square by Laith Majali. Shot with a Leica M6, Tri-X film.

Laith Majali, a dynamic young Jordaninan photographer and filmmaker, has a heartfelt passion for people and for documenting the human condition. An award-winning film producer, editor, and photojournalist, he recently won the Leica “Cairo Take This” photo contest hosted on Leica’s page on Facebook, for his searing coverage of life in the Egyptian capital. In [...]

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