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Knut Skjærven: Leica X2 in the Service of Cultural Understanding

© Knut Skjærven

Knut Skjærven is a Norwegian photographer, writer and researcher living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He specializes in visual communication and does street photography as a hobby. He holds a B.A. from University of Bergen, and a M.A. from University of Copenhagen. Knut runs an annual workshop on street photography, New Street Agenda, in Berlin and is [...]

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Knut Skjærven: Traveling Light. Love Story In Berlin

A Family Matter, Kurfürstendamm, Berlin 2012. © Knut Skjærven

Knut Skjærven is a Norwegian photographer, blogger/writer and researcher living in Copenhagen, Denmark. His many ongoing activities are listed in the blogroll at his index blog foreign photographer. His latest and emerging projects are Street Photographer’s Toolbox (an educational program for (street) photographers) and The Europeans. Both are long term projects. This time I had [...]

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Knut Skjærven: Phenomenologist and Photographer, Part 1

Bench Beauties © Knut Skjærven

Born and raised in Bergen, Norway, Knut Skjærven once intended to become a lawyer but “in a state of existential despair” began specializing in philosophical aesthetics and soon developed a passionate interest in film and phenomenology. Shortly after earning an M.A. degree in film science at the University of Copenhagen he bought his first good [...]

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Knut Skjærven: Place2be Berlin

PSBW 900_72 Walther K 20110404-L1000381-2_edited-3

Norwegian Knut Skjærven is a freelance photographer, blogger and communications researcher living in Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of his participation in the #place2be series Knut was given a D-Lux 5 and asked to document his favorite piece of architecture, preferred shop and prime bar or nightclub in Berlin. “It started by looking for a suitable [...]

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