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Aaron C. Greenman: Lost in the Golden Horn

© Aaron C. Greenman

To the freshly arrived, Istanbul’s geography can be confusing – and, that being said, a most wonderful place to simply get lost. For those coming from the Far East, there seems to be few obvious aesthetic similarities; for those arriving from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, or India, each can pick out elements that [...]

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Ruediger Glatz: Protesters in Istanbul

© Ruediger Glatz

Ruediger Glatz, born and currently residing in Heidelberg, Germany, is a portrait and documentary photographer, and sees photography as a tool of expression that goes beyond his commercial work. His photographs have been featured in exhibitions and solo shows in the United States and throughout Europe. “Photography is my passion, obsession and addiction,” he explains [...]

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Claire Atkinson: Engulfed by Istanbul

© Claire Atkinson

We had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Atkinson, a budding, young British photographer, here on the Leica blog last December. Born and raised in a small village in Greater Manchester, Claire has always been drawn to the diversity of city life, which was a stark contrast to the monotony of life in her home environment. [...]

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Fishing at the Golden Horn, Istanbul

Istanbul Series by Markus Maschik

One of my recent business trips led me to the storied city Istanbul, the jewel of Turkey and Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2010. When visiting exotic places of great historical interest like Istanbul, I usually plan to stay a little longer to devote some extra time to walking around and exploring. Although this was [...]

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