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Daniel Zvereff: Bandar Log, Part 1

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. Introduction One year ago I was sitting in a train station somewhere in-between Varanasi and New Delhi, India, en route to meet some friends. I unfastened a staple from a [...]

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James B. Martin: Borderlands

© James B. Martin

James B. Martin ventured into the hills of Northeast India to document the last days of fading cultures. “They say he’s 100 years old and took two heads.” The wizened old man before me seems utterly nonthreatening as he struggles to don his warrior garb. Finally, adorned with tusks, he gazes up at me with amusement, the [...]

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Kelsey Fain: An Intimate Experience with India

© Kelsey Fain

Kelsey Fain grew up in East Greenville, Pennsylvania where her passion for photography began at the tender age of twelve. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography from Drexel University’s (Philadelphia, PA) College of Media Arts and Design in 2008. She then moved to New York City and managed a fine-art photographer and [...]

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Fabien Penso: An Indian “carnet de passage”

© Fabien Penso

Fabien Penso is a French photographer who is often on the move and on the road and whose images reflect personal views of daily life and encounters with the people he meets during his travels. In this interview he introduces us to his own photographic practice and to his long journey to India, which combined [...]

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Werner Bischof: Generation X – India and Japan


In the 1950s, Magnum created portfolios for “Generation X.” As a group project every photographer was tasked with  portraying the new generation in the country he was visiting. The selected individuals were each interviewed using the same questionnaire, herein creating a fascinating portrait of a future generation. “Generation X” was then published throughout the world and [...]

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Jamie Rose: Momenta Workshops, Project India

Momenta Workshops, Project India

Jamie Rose is the Director of Momenta Workshops. Leica Camera AG serves as a sponsor of their Nonprofit Project Series of workshops. Here Jaime shares a story from Momenta’s recent Project India Workshop. Most photographers are gear addicts. When someone launches a new generation of a camera or a new lens, we want to buy [...]

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Nicolas Hermann, Incredible India, Part Two

© Nicolas Hermann

A couple of years ago French-born Nicolas Hermann discovered his passion for photography which was instilled in him by his mother’s best friend and mentor, Richard Geneste. A partner in a successful real estate agency, Nicolas has also found the time to pursue his passion for photography, beginning on the streets of Paris and more recently [...]

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Viva Varun: In Mumbai!

Sunrise over the Arabian Sea ... and the Gateway of India

Answer to Where Am I?:  The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel in Mumbai (Bombay) in India Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly on the blog, Facebook and Twitter: Norm, Yohanes, Arun, Jim, Alain, Michael, Nicole, Bernard, Khrystene, Luke, Siriporn, Ali and Nicholas. There are several – but still just a few – iconic hotels of [...]

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Now Boarding with Adam Marelli: Words Come To Life

Venice © Adam Marelli

As the captain turns off the seat belt sign, everyone grabs at the overhead luggage.  We pretend to be civil as we rush off of the plane. For some, this is a flight home, for others the adventure is just beginning. In preparation for a trip, there are two things I obsess over: lenses and [...]

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