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État Brut: Jeffry Plomley’s Journey Continues in Havana, Part II

Beautiful Decay on the Prado

This is the second and final installment in a two part guest series from Jeffry Plomley coinciding with his portfolio being featured in the April issue of LFI Magazine. His first guest post discussed Boxing in Cuba. The result of last year’s photographic excursion to Cuba (Santiago and Chivirico) ignited a passion within for this “État [...]

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Damaso Reyes: Cuba

Master Cuban composer and pianist Chuco Valdez annotates a composition Arturo O'Farrill created just for this trip.

Damaso Reyes recently took his M8 to Cuba for the first time, documenting the musical journey of Grammy award-winning Cuban-American Jazz composer and pianist Arturo O’Farrill as he journeyed back to the island of his father’s birth. For Americans the very word conjures up a wide range of mixed emotions. As a photojournalist I had [...]

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